R-1 Visa Renewal

An R-1 visa is granted to people from religious organizations who intend to visit the US for temporary work for religious reasons. You will need to be sponsored by a religious organization based in the US that is of the same religious denomination as yourself. To be sponsored, it is necessary for you to have been a member of that religious denomination a minimum of two years prior to being sponsored.

To qualify for an R-1 visa, you should pledge to work in the US at least part time (or a minimum of 20 hours per week) in a religious capacity for the sponsoring organization. It is possible to be sponsored by a nonprofit organization instead of a religious organization provided the nonprofit organization is affiliated with your religious denomination. Take note that with an R-1 visa, you will be paid a salary by the sponsoring organization during your stay.

At the end of the eligibility of your R-1 visa, you are required to depart from the US. You may then apply for R-1 visa renewal. If you find that your R-1 visa is rejected due to section 214(b), it is possible to seek renewal. Apply with the USCIS if you intend to extend your stay in the US. If you intend to pursue R-1 visa renewal, initiate the process at least 2 months before the current R-1 visa is set to expire. Once your R-1 visa has been renewed, you can legally stay in the US to continue your work.

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