Reasons for R-1 Visa Rejection

With little exclusion, every visa candidate is questioned by a consular official at a U.S. embassy or consulate. After all available details are analyzed; the program is accepted or declined depending on U.S. migrant’s law.

There are many factors why a visa program may be declined. If relapsed a visa, the candidate is given a purpose in accordance with the area of law which is applicable. Visa candidates are also recommended by the consular official if they may implement for a waiver of their ineligibility. Several of the most typical factors for charge ineligibilities are described below.

Just one mistake

Misspelled a word? Analyzed the incorrect box? Cost rejected of visa? Even a little error can outcome in being rejected.

A slide of the tongue

Many charge programs will involve a face-to-face meeting. The procedure is designed to scare scammers into acknowledging a lie, but many authentic candidates will fall down at this procedure.

Miscalculated funds

Most visa programs need the candidate to demonstrate that they have enough cash. Visa will be rejected even if the candidate is one penny brief of the limitation.

Missing documents

Forgot to enclose traditional financial institution statement in your application? Cost rejected. Your charge will be rejected and you will need to re-apply and pay your program costs again.

Fraudulent documents

This seems apparent, but a lot of visas are rejected every year due to bogus details. Maybe you did not know they were bogus. It does not issue. Scammers are taken amazingly seriously, and it is very likely that the charge candidate will be prohibited for way of life.

The last hurdle

So you have obtained your charge and you are viewing your new country. You stage off the aircraft and strategy of migrant’s law official at the checkpoint. You display your charge. Then the asking starts. The official will ask all the complicated problems, knowing your every term and encounter an overall look for symptoms of a lie. If the official has any purpose to question you – any purpose at all – he has the power to put you coming back on an aircraft and offer you house. Is it fair? Of course not! But those are the suggestions.

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