Purim Customs

The Fast of Esther - The day prior to Purim is a fast day.Prior to Esther all of Persian Jewry approached King Ahasuerus to appeal for her people, commemorating the fast by Esther.Unlike from other fast day Atonement and the Tisha B’Av. But similar to other insignificant Jewish fasts.The Fast of day starts at sunrise and ends at sunset.

The Reading of Book of Esther - The Book of Esther is reading an clearly in the synagogue is read on morning and evening of Purim. There is a religious teaching for women to hear this reading, too, and children are also welcome. The reading of Esther is a very happy social event: at each refer to of the wicked Haman, who has become synonymous with all those who bear ill will toward Jews, the congregants and especially the children, try to drown out his name by shaking special noisemakers.

Festive meal - The fast day is over there will be a Purim meal with games and other amusements that lasts late into the evening. It is a religious principle to get drunk to the point of not knowing the difference between the hero of the Purim story and the evil Haman.

Gifts of Fancy Foods - As part of the bliss of the festive, Jews have a custom of preparing gift baskets. By sending the gift to all the friends and neighbors  and to give money to the poor.

Purim Costumes - This custom of wearing Purim masks and purim costumes developed in the middle Ages, it appears that influenced by local Mardi gras holidays. Small children take unique interest in this phase of the holiday, and can be seen in the streets wearing their costumes.

Haman’s Ears - A traditional Purim delicacy: triangular pastries filled with poppy seeds and vary other sweet fillings.

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