Purim Celebrations

Purim Jewish Feast

The feast is celebrated every year on the l4th, and it celebrated in Shushan, Persia on the 15th, of Adar. In tribute of the deliverance of the Persian Jews from the plot of Haman to eliminate them and is the Book of Esther. On Purim, we also give offerings to at least two poor people.We reach left to each other, so that no one should miss the joy of the occasion.Just as we would never consider disaffection ourselves from a good friend based on our disagreements. So we should never keep the defaces from Jew based.

The Jewish people are one unit: - it isn't perhaps enjoy the holiday if poor people don't have enough.

Purim Plays

Especially on Purim Jewish folk-comedies, written for act in Jewish family circles and throughout the month of Adar, while in general a dramatic performance was considered frivolous, an exception was made with regard to Purim. The Talmud mention even is made of certain impressive entertainments and buffooneries.

Costumes and Masks

During the Purim covering up in masks and costumes most entertaining customs and children in particular enjoy dressing up as the characters found in the Scroll of Esther, including King Ahashverosh, Vashti, Queen Esther, Mordechai, and the evil Haman.

Costumes and masks are worn to cover up the wearer’s identity.Mistaken identity plays a significant role in Purim. The prospect originating from Esther's concealment of her Jewish custom or in Haman's mistaken belief that the King's reward was ment for him.

The Story of Purim

The Purim is one of the happy and fun holidays on the Jewish chart. This is the time the Jewish people living in Persia were saving from extinction.

Purim Celebrations in Russian Communities

People of the Jewish community of Almaty came together this Purim holiday for a large celebration that occupied young and old alike.

Music for Purim

From Jerusalem 29 original recordings of songs for Purim and other states like Morocco, Greece, Yemen, Turkey and Spain.

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