Purim Carnival 2016

The Purim story comes from the biblical book of Esther.  Purim commemorates at moment in time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extinction. Then, King Ahasuerus was manipulated by his assistant of Haman into ordering a massacre of the Jewish people. The Jewish people  saved by courageous young queen Esther, she reveals her Jewish identity to the king and pleads for the salvation of her people. The word Purim is resultant from "lots" because Haman cast a lot or 'pur' to determine when to kill the Jews and they celebrate this holiday, people traditionally wear masks and dress in costumes.

Masks, games, puppet shows and delicious treats are all part of this year's Purim celebration. Listen to the story of Purim and meet the heroes of the Megillah, Queen Esther and King.

A Trip Through Israel

Make a small golf course that activity around a giant map of Israel. 

Dig For Treasure in the Negev

Hide small prizes in a tub of sand. Players make  tunnel until they uncover a prize.

Throwing Sponges At Haman

Paint a backboard with a Haman face. Players try to beat each other face with wet sponges.

Pop Haman

Blow up balloons and draw "Haman" faces on them. Put together the balloons to a backboard such as drywall or thick Styrofoam. Players attempt to "pop Haman" with darts.

Crown Toss

Make a plywood model of Esther's head, or make use of a mannequin head. Players attempt to toss a plastic crown to ring around Esther's head.

Shushan Salon

Have a "beauty parlor” and offer face painting, tattoos and wild hair colors

Negev Sand Art

Have a sand art craft booth. 

Costume Parade

An important and traditional feature of Purim are the fun costumes.

Decorating Crowns 

Arrange the craft booth, where the kids can decorate cardboard crowns with glitter, plastic gems, and stickers.

Purim Carnival Events:

Update here soon....

Price Family Courtyard and David and Dorothea Garfield Social Hall

  • Inflatable Shushan (six different inflatables)
  • Queen Esther’s Hamantaschen Bakery
  • Haman’s Carnival Games
  • Uncle Mordechai’s Mini Carnival: open to children five and below. Located on the Preschool playground.
  • Vashti’s Beauty Salon with face and nail painting
  • King Ahasuerus Banquet Hall with pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, nachos, snow cones, cotton candy.

Purchase tickets at the Carnival:

  • $.50 per food and game ticket
  • $10 per wristband for inflatables (age 5 and under)
  • $15 per wristband for inflatables (ages 6 and up)
  • Mini Carnival is $10 per wristband

Purim Carnival Blood Drive

  • Sunday, March 8 from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Sponsored by the Men's Club

During  Purim Carnival the San Diego Blood Bank will be taking contributions on March 8 during the For your donation, you will receive a free Deli Dinner from the Men’s Club at our next Dinner Forum, plus a T-shirt from the Blood Bank. Enjoy the carnival and take a few minutes to do a mitzvah.

More Information About Purim

Purim Carnival 2016