Public Sleeping Day

Enjoy Public Sleeping Day on 28th February. Some people do not get enough amount of sleep that they want. Such kinds of people wish that they had the entire day to relax and snooze. You can take advantage or excuse of this unofficial Public Sleeping Day to get some extra shut-eye in public.
To sleep in the public eye we can think a whole lot of places. For example:-

  • You can sleep in a park on a bench
  • On the beach you can doze on a blanket
  • You can sleep even in a bus or train while travelling

Wherever you prefer to sleep today, Public Sleeping Day is the day to do it and hope that it is peaceful and restful.

How to Enjoy Public Sleeping Day: -

Get on any public transportation like bus, subway and take a nap while travelling. Just remember that others might sit next to you so sit up straight and keep your head up, because you shouldn’t end up on someone else shoulder, and one more important thing, do not snore in public places.

Lie down for a few hours in a park bench and sleep. Since the bench is tall you don’t have to crunch your legs and you can use the seat as a backrest (if you tend to sleep on your side). It is better if you can predict the weather before going to the park to avoid soaking in the rain.

You can head to a beach with an umbrella and sun block to have a peaceful and restful sleep. If you love to get a tan then this idea is better, it works in two ways.

You can get some sleep even in office a meeting or in a class. But before doing this you need to know some techniques to pull this off and not get caught. Here you should not go into deep sleep just in case you're being called on for an answer.

 Sleeping in front of someone is the ultimate sign of trust. So, this coming Public Sleeping Day, choose a place where you can get rest yourself.