What is PTCB Exam

PTCB stands for “Pharmacy Technician Certification Board”. The test that is conducted under PTCB is the PTCB exam. The PTCB is used to understand an individual's knowledge and skill base for activities which come under the pharmacy technicians sector. The questions are carefully referred, and validated to be correct. The Certification Council created this test keeping in mind the directions of PES testing experts. To pass in the PTCB a scaled score of at least 650 is needed.

The exam is categorized in three function areas:

- “Assisting the Pharmacist in Serving Patients” sums to 66% of the exam

- “Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control Systems” sums to 22% of exam

- “Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice” sums to12% of the exam

Eligibility / Qualifications

For an individual to be eligible for the PTCB Exam it is a must for them to obtain a high school diploma or a GED. Prior to that the individual should not have been convicted of felony.


As for the requirements are concerned “CE” (Continuing Education) is to be acquired by the Registered Pharmacy Technicians and the State-Certified Pharmacy Technicians.


The exam structure and other helpful techniques to perform activities associated with the exam are available on the PTCB website along with various practice test.


The score is processed using the modified-Angoff method. In this method, each question is individually marked and summed by the panelists. They estimate the percentage of every qualified candidate based on the accuracy for each. The score is then computed by taking the average of the panelists rating overall passing score is computed by averaging the panelists’ ratings.


One can apply for the PTCB Exam by logging in to the PTCB site where all the required information is present. The application can be filled online and in case of any trouble a toll free number is mentioned for the candidates to keep themselves informed or for any assistance in the process.


The date and location of the exam can be determined by the test taker. Once logged in to the PTCB web site the web application allows the individual to apply for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCB Exam) at the location and date of their choice. Apart from that a mail id and a toll free number are also mentioned on the site in-case of any trouble applying online.


The results to the PTCB exam will be mailed to the candidates within 3 weeks from the date of the examination. In case the results are not received within that time slot then the candidates can mail the PES at the address mentioned on the site and a duplicate score card will be sent to them free of cost. Note that the candidate's must mail the PES within 30 days any one who mails after that time frame will be charged for receiving their score card.

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