What is PSAT Test

PSAT stands for “Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test”. The PSAT/NMSQ

is conducted by the NMSC “National Merit Scholarship Corporation” and the College Board in the U.S. Every year close to 3.5 million students including eight and ninth graders take this test. The scores obtained from these test help determine certain eligible students for the “National Merit Scholarship Program”.

The PSAT Test consists of “Critical Reading Skills”, “Math Problem-Solving Skills” and “Writing Skills”. The test sums up to 2 hours and 10 minutes. The total score sums at 240 points which is broken into three sections, each of it scales around 20 to 80 points. The test mainly contains multiple choice questions excluding 10 questions which are maths related and require the student to enter the solution in a grid.

Eligibility / Qualifications

High schools students are eligible for the PSAT Test. These tests cannot be registered for since they aren't available online and can only be conducted for students from schools that are part of the College Board.


The student must be a full timer in the school and has to be enrolled as part of the school. Alongside that the student need to be legal citizen of United States or have applied to become a permanent resident of the United States.


Preparation of PSAT Test can be done with the material that is provided online at various sites, the material can be downloaded. There are certain sites that help by giving sample tests to give a brief idea about how the test will be.


The scores are marked by the number of right and wrong questions and is then converted to a scaled score. Hence making every right and wrong answer count.


The date for the Test is determined by the College Board and is updated on The College Board site as well. However, the test does commence in the month of October itself.


The results for the PSAT Test are given online along with the students standings compared to other students everywhere. Making it easy to compare from student to student. No particular month is assigned for the results to be out but round December is the most likely time for it to be given.

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