Procedure To Book The Australian Citizenship Test

No matter, whether you send the application form within Australia or oversees, it is mandatory that you should appear for the citizenship test as per the date given by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The test is conducted in all recognized departmental centers in the capital cities, Centerlink and Medicare offices and at some other selected regional locations. For more details on Australian Citizenship test and addresses of local test centers, you can visit the DIAC website.

Citizenship Test

  • To sit the test it is important to lodge your application first with all the listed documents. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will review the application and send you confirmation letter or email to your given address. Those who are applying from outside Australia can seek help from the local Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission for required information on Australian Citizenship test. However, the application processing is comparatively slower for the overseas candidates because of the delayed processing times.
  • The officers of Department of Immigration and Citizenship administer the tests taken at all centers including metropolitan and regional centers and no other staff at local test centers is responsible for giving any information regarding the test.

How To Book The Australian Citizenship Test

  • Once you receive notification about the citizenship appointment, you can immediately contact the department to book the test schedule as the waiting period varies from one test center to the other. Therefore, if you need more information on booking the Australian Citizenship test and how to locate the test centers you can contact the department by calling toll free numbers. The fee that you pay for along with your application covers the test and the entire processing, so you do not need to pay extra amount for booking the citizenship test.
  • All you need to do is locate your nearest test center by browsing the DIAC website and just call the department to make an appointment as per the waiting times and other options. Those who wish to take the test at the regional test centers, then contact the DIAC to obtain complete details on test schedules. As the citizenship test is a complete evaluation of your knowledge on Australia and English language, it is important to prepare well before booking the test.