Praxis II Test

What is PRAXIS II Test

Praxis II is one of the most important tests to be given for individuals aspiring to become a teacher. The value of this test is such that around 50 states including Indiana and New Jersey to name a few consider it mandatory for an individual to pass this test. Only after one has passed the Praxis II test are they found eligible to apply for their license to teach. The Praxis II test is designed to check the general and subject-specific teaching skills of an individual and their knowledge in that area.

Praxis II tests can be conducted either in paper-delivered format or computer-delivered format. The tests are linked globally through “Prometric” which is an international network of test centers. Each test paper and content differs from state to state since each state sets its own boundaries and passing score.

Eligibility / Qualifications

For an individual to give the PRAXIS II Test he /she has to first pass through PRAXIS I Test. It is open for any individual who wants to pursue the art of teaching as their profession.


Requirements for the test tend to differ from state to state since every state has a set of norms and requirements that it follows. Hence depending on those needs the state tends to place their particular requirements.


Various sites are available to have a preview over the PRAXIS Test II. Alongside those sites there are various Flashcards available and even certain sample test on line for individuals to give a try. The main goal for a test taker needs to be allocation of time during the test. He/She needs to be able to complete the test with answering maximum amount of questions.


The test is scored only on the basis of the rightly answered questions. No subtraction or reduction is done on questions wrongly answered or ignored.


The Praxis II Test can be applied either on line , mail or over the phone. Registering at the Prometric Center is required to select a locality close by to give the test.


There isn't a certain month as such for the test to be conducted once the candidate applies through the Prometric calender a date is assigned. The tests are conducted in two sessions the first session can be broken down depending on the candidates needs, whereas the second session can not be changed or altered.


The results of the test will be put up on line for the test takers who in turn can access them through their My Praxis account.

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