Praxis I Test

What is Praxis I Test

The Praxis Test consists of a series of “American teacher certification exams” acknowledged by the “Educational Testing Service”. These tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession, this certification process is required by many states and professional licensing organizations. To be certified as a teacher one has to pass through The Praxis I and Praxis II tests respectively.

The Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), Mainly includes reading, writing, and mathematics. This consists of a computer based test and a written test as well.

The Praxis I computer tests and the written tests may be taken either as three separate tests on separate days, or as one combined test. Individual scores will be reported for Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The computer based test last over 4 ½ hours and the written test is for an hour.

Eligibility / Qualifications

As far as eligibility is concerned there isn't any certain restrictions or experiences that have to be meet or fulfilled. If an individual feels that he / she wants to take up teaching as a profession than they can apply for the test by paying the test fee hence the tests can be taken either by a student to a an employee. Hence many of the the test-takers college going students and recently graduated ones.


Allocating time to study beforehand and reading through a Praxis test study guide is a good way to prepare for the test. One can even practice with a set of “Praxis Exam Flashcards”. The test-takers needs to plan ahead and leave enough time in advance of the test day to become adequately prepared. To leave the briefing part of the preparation for the end can prove to be fatal as well. Pacing one's self through the multiple choice questions is another key factor since there are 46 multiple choice questions that need to be completed in 75 minutes .


The scoring for the test only depends on the number of correctly answered questions. Hence every question that is skipped or not answered doesn't add any negative scoring to the total.

How to Apply

The list for the various testing centers can be found online at the Educational Testing Service web site.


If you wish to take a paper-based test, PRAXIS I is offered about 6 times a year on Saturdays, with some additional Monday test dates. THE computer-based test can be taken as frequently as once a month up to 6 times in a calendar year at a Prometric Testing Center. Appointment can be directly scheduled at a test center whereas walk-ins are allowed only if space is available to accomodate.


The scores are available in approximately 2 to 3 weeks for a computer-based test or in about 4 weeks for a paper-based test.

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