Pori Jazz Festival 2016

Pori Jazz Festival is a grandeur global jazz festival conducted yearly in Finland, Pori, a coastal city. This festival is one of the oldest, most liked and well known festival of Europe being celebrated since the year 1966.

Pori Jazz Festival Information

Location(s) Pori, Finland
Years Active 44
Date(s) 9th to 17th of july
Genre jazz, blues, soul, funk, hip hop, Afro-Cuban, world music, pop music
Website http://www.porijazz.fi

History of Pori Jazz Festival

July 1966 witnessed a crucial revolution in the history of music festivals- it was the year when Pori Jazz Festival was conducted for the very first time attracting a record breaking audience of 1500 visitors. Gradually, public’s interest in music increased and so did grow the number of audiences for Pori Jazz Festival year by year. Initially conducted as a two-day festival, the time arrived when its popularity made possible the extension of this festival. Since 1984, Pori Jazz Festival is held for four-days annually.

The remarkable revolution was witnessed in 1985 when Pori Jazz Festival attracted a group of 50,000 to 60,000 audiences thrusting it to extend for a period of nine days. As the years passed by, came 1990. This year successfully allured 100,000 visitors while the century of 2000 observed 120,000 to 160,000 audiences.

Elements of Pori Jazz Festival 2016

The initial year of Pori Jazz Festival laid basis on acoustic jazz and gradually moved towards electric jazz and other genre’ of music like blues, soul, funk, hip-hop and many others leading among which were Cuban and Brazilian music. Having given a chance to many leading artists of the world from established music personalities to the up-coming stars, this festival welcomes every genre of music pioneers and leaders.

This nine day long festival is conducted at 11 various venues to be enjoyed not only by young and adults, but it also conducts a special Jazz Kids Festival for kids.

Artists Participating in Pori Jazz Festival

Pori Jazz Festival welcomes music of various genres’ such as jazz, blues. Funk, hip-hop and others and performances by Tori Amos, Art Blakey, James Brown, Phil Collins, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Macy Gray, Paul Anka, Kayne West, Paul Simon, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Sting and many others.

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