Popcorn Day 2017

The popcorn day is celebrated on January 19th, though there has been a lot of debate regarding the exact date. When the observation of this day came into practice, is still unknown. The Popcorn board is asked about the origin of the day every now and then, but there is no information regarding it. Though the American Popcorn Board has no clue about it, the day is listed as National Popcorn Day. However, the National Popcorn Poppin' Month is in October. It was in 1999 that the Popcorn Month was actually proclaimed, by the American Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman. It was mainly because of the fact that the month of October coincides with the popcorn harvest.

Leaving aside the controversies, for now, let us believe that some organization or individual who had a great liking for popcorn started the tradition.

Some more facts about Popcorn Day

Though most of the sources report that the Popcorn day is on January 19th, some sources also claim to tie up the day to the Super Bowl. Though the fact is still being debated, the connection of Popcorn Day and the Super Bowl is enough believable. Millions of viewers watch greedily the combat between the top two national football teams while munching on bowls of popcorn in the tensed anticipation of who is going to be the winner.

Though this is not a nationally recognized day, the Popcorn Day is widely celebrated by the lovers of this ‘healthy snack’. Even organizations like National Cancer Institute, the American Dental Association and the American Diabetic Association have opined that popcorn can be considered as a very healthy snack with least calories, yet filling to a large extent. It is a sensible snack that fits into almost every fitness regime.

Popcorn Day Activities

The Popcorn Day is a day to celebrate the deliciousness of the popped corn which has been popular since as long ago as 5,000 years. You can enjoy the day with your kids and families in many ways with different popcorn activities. Here are some of them:

  • Try your hand at making a popcorn frame
  • Make a necklace of popcorn for yourself and the kids
  • Grab a big bowl of popcorn with your favourite topping
  • Make some new snacks with popcorn
  • Pretend that you are in a movie theatre and get some popcorn to eat.
  • Dance around popping like a corn
  • Read more about popcorn, the significance of the day, and its history.

The main aim of this day is to celebrate the sheer deliciousness of popcorn and the message is straight forward, “Eat more popcorn!” The Popcorn Day is just another excuse to munch and be in a festive mood with America’s favorite snack, popcorn.

Types of Popcorns

Pop corns are of two types based on the formation are so called as Mushroom popcorns and Butterfly popcorns.

Mushroom Popcorns are ball shaped popping corns which are larger and denser. The advantage of large surface helps to stick caramel, chocolate, cheese and other coatings when used to add your favourite flavours or extra toppings.

Butterfly popcorns are designed in irregular shape with fragile butterfly wings which are very light and fluffy. The following are found in many palces were the popcorn is sold usuallu theatres, carnivals and stadiums.

Popcorns are most profitable than any, on an average serving cost of $1 with selling of 30 servings a day could gain 80% profit.


Popcorn Day 2017