Plumbers Day 2017

Plumber’s Day falls on March 11th and is commemorated around the world. This event was initiated by the World Plumbing Council to celebrate plumbers and the role they play in everyday life.

Plumbing plays a bigger role in our lives that we think. Earthquakes and natural disasters always reveal how much we take safe drinking water for granted. When the systems stop functioning as they are supposed to, people struggle to cope. They suffer physically from a lack of adequate drinking water and being able to bathe – at the very minimum.

Plumbing is essential for sustainable health for all humans, most especially children. Sanitation facilities are also impacted by inadequate plumbing. Even the UN took up the case for plumbing by doing a comprehensive exam of plumbing systems around the world. Good plumbing systems are essential for:

  • Safe drinking water
  • Good sanitation
  • Draining of storm water
  • Reuse of waste water
  • Rainwater harvesting

With world populations on the rise and inadequate resources, it becomes very important to use them wisely, especially water. Water is necessary for many activities – many people don’t have good access to potable water. With proper design of plumbing systems and well trained plumbers, we should be able to use available resources effectively.

Plumbers Day 2017