Plain English Day 2016

Language serves the purpose of communication of ideas. Language also unites – and differentiates. So, how about keeping language simple and straightforward? Plain English Day is the celebration of English as a language that is used to communicate and unite people. After all, what good is a language of, if it were not capable of communicating messages clearly and concisely?

What is Plain English Day?

Messages are mediums used to communicate ideas. However, while language has evolved over the years from its rudimentary forms to its sophisticated styles, there is still abundant scope for language to be better – not in sophistication, but in its simplicity. Plain English Day is an effort in that direction – to keep language simple and straight forward, to avoid complications and misunderstandings, while improving the efficiency of communication.

Why Plain English Day?

We would have all observed in the course of your daily lives, as to how complicated simple things could turn out to be if communication went awry. Right from the language that we use in expressing ourselves to our neighbours and friends to the way we interact in business and public interactions, there is so much more to learn from the mistakes that we commit. Plain English Day is an initiative taken to return to the basics, to keep things simple, and to avoid the common errors of understanding and judgement associated with the English language.

In a lighter vein, Plain English Day also features Plain English Campaign Annual Awards, where some of the most baffling and unbelievable comments and responses are showcased to spread the message of using plain English for effective communication.

Plain English Day 2016