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What is PLACE Test?

PLACE Test also known as “Program For Licensing Assessment for Colorado Educators” this test is designed to measure a candidate's knowledge. The tests are designed to identify those candidates who have the level of knowledge and skill judgment which is important for educators in Colorado schools. Most PLACE tests include only multiple-choice questions. The Basic Skills test includes sections in reading, mathematics, and writing. Both reading and the mathematics sections consist only of multiple-choice questions whereas the writing section includes multiple-choice questions and even a writing sample.


Candidates in Colorado who have completed an approved educator preparation program in Colorado are required to take and pass the applicable content-area tests. This includes candidates for teaching, special services, principal, and administrative licensure. Also, candidates who are entering a one- or two-year Alternative Licensure Preparation Program may take the applicable PLACE test.

Individuals who are licensed by another state or country are required to pass a content-area test as described in "PLACE Licensure Requirements” unless exempted by the CDE. For those who have completed three or more years of continuous, successful, and evaluated elementary or secondary teaching in their specialty area are not required to complete a test for the CDE.


Materials are provided on the PLACE Web site where in it can be downloaded and referred by the test-takers. PLACE tests are designed to test the individual in all forms and hence it may include questions that will not count towards an examinees score. These questions are placed on the tests to collect information about how they will perform under actual testing conditions. Therefore the test-takers need to maintain a calm and positive attitude towards the exam. Preparation is very crucial and cannot be taken easily or ignored.


The results are reported as scaled scores. The scaled score is a combination of the number of questions you answer correctly on the multiple-choice sections and the scores you receive on any performance assignments, converted to a scale from 100 to 300, with a score of 220 representing the passing score.

A separate score will be given for each section of the Basic Skills test. Once a section has been passed in the Basic Skill Test there isn't a need to retake that section.

Apply / Schedule

The applicants can apply for the PLACE Test either online, mail or by phone in case of an emergency only where in additional fees applies.

To register for a PLACE Test a table is provided on the site PLACE site to help select your test area. Test area availability varies by administration date. Test sites are within the general areas listed but are not necessarily inside the actual city limits.

Registration can be done by mail (U.S mail only). Test areas are subject to change in the event of scheduling conflicts.


The results for the PLACE date can be found on the site since every exam has a fixed date upon which the results are mailed out.

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