Physician Career

Physician career has been the most coveted profession since many years. Millions of people pursue a doctor's degree to help sick and diseased people. A Physician career is a seen as the greatest service to the mankind.

What is a Physician?

A Physician is a person who treats patients with different ailments, diseases through study, diagnosis and prescribed medical treatments. They diagnose and treat a patient based on diet, hygiene and prescribed medicines.

A Physician generally provides non-surgical medical treatment to the patients and continues the treatment unless the patient is completely cured.

What does a Physician do?

A Physician normally treats a patient on the basis of a referral or by conducting series of tests  like blood tests, ultrasound or CT scan and then begins the treatment either by prescribed medications or by referring the patient to a surgeon. In case of any serious ailment like tumors, cysts, kidney or gall stones, the patient needs to be operated.

It is believed that a patient can be treated best when the Physicians and Pharmacists collaborate together to give the patient adequate dosage of the medicine to get optimum results.

A Physician has the ability to treat the patient based on prolonged diagnosis and controlled supervision. A treatment can be long or short depending on the type of ailment.

During ongoing treatment a patient may have to visit the Physician many times fixing an appointment for a physical check up  for monitoring conditions like heart beat, color of the tongue and eyes and then by looking at the general symptoms and the patients food habit and lifestyle the doctors prescribes medicine for a treatment.

If the patient receives the right medicine with the correct diagnosis then a treatment is successful.

How to become a Physician?

Physicians are generally specialized for the kind of treatment that they carry on. Physicians generally have to complete four years of undergraduate school, followed by four years of graduate school and then 3 to 8 years of residency.

At undergraduate school students usually take up Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as majors. During  the last years of residency the students spend their time with experienced Physicians and surgeons covering various areas of Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Family practice and cardiology or which ever field they want to specialize in.

Let's see the kind of treatment conducted by Physicians of different faculties-


They are mainly responsible in the pain relieving process of a patient during a surgery or during delivery of the baby after pregnancy. Anesthesiologists monitor the heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and body temperature of a patient.

General Physicians

They treat a patient usually on a long term basis, based on a series of symptoms like cough, fever, allergies. General Physicians are manage to develop a long term  relationship with their patients. They usually treat patients for seasonal ailments like flu, viral and Malaria.


They treat infants, kids and young adults to prescribe proper vaccinations, for any kind of child related illnesses, injuries or serious disorders like juvenile diabetes or auto immune disorder.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists-

They provide treatment related to child care, pregnancy and female reproductive system. They care and counsel women throughout the pregnancy.They also diagnose women for fatal cases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, hormonal disorders, and symptoms related to menopause.


They are mental health counselors who treat patients based on their behavioral patterns, history of illness and by conducting a series of psychoanalytical tests. Their treatment involves both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. In the former the Physician carries out discussion with the patient about his/her problems. In psychoanalysis the Physician conducts physiotherapy for a prolonged period of time  and even prescribes medication and hospitalization in severe cases.

Physician work environment

Physician career involves working for long duration in a highly competitive environment. They usually  have erratic working hours and normally are found working in clinics, offices, hospitals or with a combined group of nurses and practitioners. They work in a sterile and well lighted environment and have to stand for long hours to conduct surgeries or treat a patient.

Physicians may have to travel from one place to another to take care of critical patients.

Working in groups normally allows them to have more relaxing time and provide extensive care to the patients.

In case of emergency they might even be on call to provide necessary assistance to the patients.

Physicians salary

Normally Physicians and surgeons are paid a heavy salary as they are always in demand and are ready to work round the clock. The earnings of the Physicians generally depends upon their specialization, skills, number of working hours, rapport with the patients and reputation in the medical community.

Physicians career outlook

Education and training is highly demanding in case of Physicians. Students after lot of preparation give the Medical entrance test and pursue a four year long Doctor of Medicine Program. Physicians then begin a 3-year residency that provides training specific to the field. After completion of this  process they obtain a state license and begin practice unsupervised.

Physician career is likely to have a boost in the coming future due to the spiraling population and aging number of people.There should be a suggested growth of demand for radiologists and cardiologists for a growing risk of heart related diseases and cancer. Physicians today work in a highly sophisticated environment with the technological boom. Physicians normally refuse to work in the rural and remote areas as they do not have adequate facilities and are resided by low income groups.

Similarly their demand is also conducive to changing health care policies.

In conclusion all we can say is that a Physician goes back home with a lot of self-respect and dignity for service of mankind!

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