PHR Test

What is PHR Test?

“Professional In Human Resources” is often abbreviated as PHR. The PHR is an industry authorization for people working in the profession of human resource management. This certification is awarded by the “Human Resource Certification Institute”. The PHR signifies that individuals need to possess the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource management and its mandatory to pass a stringent examination to be exhibited as a master of the knowledge in the field.

The PHR is a certification for human resource specialists keen in gaining a higher-level human resource (HR) position. The human resource specialists with two and four years of experience in HR work, approach problems using logic and being organized, but have been laid back due to a missing opportunity, or a range of professional experiences or work on projects of accelerative complexity.

The PHR certification can be gained by taking the PHR exam. This exam concentrates on the following six areas: Strategic Management 12%, Workforce Planning and Employment 26%, Human Resource Development 17%, Total Rewards 16%, Employee and Labor Relations 22%, and Risk Management 7% for the exam questions.

The PHR exam is a computer-based test held at the testing centers throughout the world. The PHR test is held twice in a year: May 1 to June 30, and December 1 to January 31. The PHR exam is knowledge and experience based. The exam consists of 225 questions on the above mentioned topics to be finished in 4 hours duration.


To be eligible to write the PHR test, a minimum of two years experience as a human resource management at a professional level is mandatory. However, students or previous college graduates with less than a year from graduation may also apply. An ideal candidate for the certification of PHR test is the one who focuses on implementing the program, has logistical orientation and is accountable to another HR professional within the organization.

The eligibility requirement for the PHR test is also that a human resource specialist must have atleast two or four years of experience in HR work. The HR professional must focus on his/her impact within the HR department.

How to APPLY

The eligible applicants can apply online. They will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter by mail in two to three weeks after sending the application.


The PHR test can be scheduled once a letter of ATT is received. To schedule the exam, information on the exam which one is registering for, examination sponsor , the HRCI identification number, a daytime phone number accompanied with your name as printed in the ATT letter, and a government issued identification number is also required.


To prepare for the PHR test, online study guides and flashcards are a good option. These practice tests are both free and chargeable. Free sample tests are also available online accompanied by PHR prep Featured Book. Books can also be referred to prepare for the PHR test.


The PHR test consists of 225 questions of which only 200 are scored. The remaining 25 are kept for future development purposes. The PHR test is a multiple choice exam with four possible choices of which only one is the correct answer. There is no penalty for guessing, however, any unanswered question is considered to be incorrect. The PHR test score ranges from 100 to 700 with the minimum passing score being 500.

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