Penguin Awareness Day 2017

Penguins do have their special day and that is on January 20th every year. This is the Penguin Awareness Day, the day when the adorable tuxedo-clad birds are celebrated. The day is a scope for all to know a bit more about these little creatures and to pledge to protect their endangered existence. Not a lot of people know that not all penguins love snow and cold climates; Galapagos Penguins are found near the equator.

One should never confuse between Penguin Awareness Day which is observed on January 20th and World Penguin Day that is celebrated on April 25th because both of them sound almost the same.

Some Facts about Penguins

  • Penguins are kind of amphibians, and their wings, over a period of time has evolved into flippers.
  • They thrive on a diet mostly comprising of krill, fish, squids, etc.
  • Among all the species of penguins, the Emperor penguins are largest in size. The adults may grow up to a height of 1.1 meters and weight more than 35 kgs.
  • The Little Blue Penguin is the smallest of the penguin species. They grow to a size of 40 cms and weigh 1 kg.

The Penguin Awareness Day is the perfect occasion to know something about these cute natives of Antarctica. Grab a book on penguins or search for facts in the internet. Watching a documentary like March of the Penguins is another great option of observing the day. To honor the penguins, you can also pay a visit to the local zoo or aquarium where they have housed these creatures. If you have kids, animate features like Happy Feet, Madagascar and even Surf's Up is going to be great fun.

Activities for Penguin Awareness Day

To celebrate the Penguin Awareness Day, here is a list of the activities that you can do to mark it special than any other day and create awareness in your children about the penguins:

  • Go for a penguin hunt, in the internet. You may come to know many exclusive facts about them.
  • Send penguin day e-cards to your peers.
  • Have a dinner comprising of sushi, shrimp and squid like the penguins.
  • Wear black pants and white shirt. That may help you look like the penguins. A red bow tie is optional.
  • Walk around pretending that you are a penguin.

The penguins are the beautiful snow-loving creatures who are now being threatened by the acute climatic change. Make this Penguin Awareness day all the more important by supporting a conservation group such as SANCCOB or the Penguin Foundation. If you are a lover of wine, buy some nice ones made by The Little Penguin as the sales from them are donated to the Penguin Foundation.

Penguin Awareness Day 2017