What is PAX-PN EXAM?

The Pre-Admission Examination Program for Nurses is administered by the National League of Nursing. This is a recognized exam held for nursing students seeking to join into nursing schools nationwide. Most of the nursing schools consider it a must for students to take any type of nursing entrance exam before joining in.

The nursing entrance exams such as NLN PAX-RN, ATI TEAS, HOBET, HESI or NET exam help the nursing schools to measure the potential of a nursing student and their performance in that program. The nursing entrance exams also avails the nursing students to know whether he/she is academically ready for the nursing school or not.

The Pre-Admission Exam Program for Nurses is a challenging and broad exam available for candidates looking for admission in a registered nursing program. The PAX-PN exam has three main sections: “Verbal Skills”, “Mathematics” and “Science”.

Verbal skills: This section of the PAX-PN exam consists of vocabulary and reading comprehension. The vocabulary and subject matter of this section may or may not be related to nursing. The vocabulary section contains synonyms, antonyms and to define words in context. The reading comprehension section necessitates you to perform tasks like finding a main idea of a text or deduce facts from context and assess an author's agreement.

Mathematics: The mathematics section of the PAX-PN exam consists questions on basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, conversions, graphs, applied mathematics and word problems.

Science: The science section of this exam consists questions on biology, chemistry, physics and earth science with some questions related to health and first aid.

The PAX-PN exam is in traditional pen-and-paper format with multiple choice questions. This exam also has experimental questions which are not scored, but only asked for future reference purpose. A duration of three hours is allotted to finish the exam.

How to Apply

To register for the PAX-PN Exam, the candidate must check with the nursing school of his/her choice for any specific information on their requirements for admissions. Applications can also be sent online through the official site of this exam. However, a credit card is required for the payment of the exam fee.

How to Schedule

The PAX-PN Exam can be scheduled on any test site near you. The exam must be scheduled only on the available dates mentioned in the application form. As this is a pass/fail test, the candidates who fail in this exam can re-schedule their exam only after a gap of six months or in the next semester.

How to Prepare

“NLN Review Guide for PN Pre-Entrance Exam” is offered by NLN. This consists of an overview of verbal, math and science content because it is necessary for admission in the nursing field. Memorization techniques/tips and how to prepare for the aptitude tests are also considered for solving the PAX-PN multiple choice question paper.


A minimum of 50% mandate is set in order to be recognized into a nursing program. The scores can be instantly assessed from your testing center.

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