Paul Bunyan Day 2017

Paul Bunyan Day is celebrated to remember and commemorate a giant American legend. This mythological lumberman is manifested, in the stories, to have been very adept. He accomplished several feats, for instance the organization of logging in the US and the training of carpenter ants to help loggers.

When is It Celebrated

Paul Bunyan day is a US Folktale celebration. It is commemorated on different days in different parts of the U.S. Mostly it is observed in 27-28th of June every year.

The legend of Paul Bunyan begin with tales told by men in lumber camps, in 1800's and was considered to have initiated among French Canadians in the time of the Papineau rebellion of 1837.


Paul Bunyan transformed into a legend as stories of this giant lumberjack who had to his credit incredible feats spread. Some of these stories are: he scooped out the big lakes for his blue ox, Babe; he cleared the lands of North and South Dakota to make it feasible for farming; he taught ants to perform logging work; and he had also been instrumental in creating logging in the U.S.

If the averments in the book “Paul Bunyan” of writer James Stevens is to be believed, which published in 1925, French Canadians conceptualized the tales during the Papineau Rebellion of 1837, when they rose against the young English Queen.

Later historians believed that Paul Bunyan, and particularly the idea of Bunyan as a giant lumberman coupled with a giant blue ox sidekick, was generated in the 20th century for a marketing campaign. Nonetheless there is no substantial evidence is available to support this myth.

Bunyan's birth was quite strange, as are the births of several legendaries, as it required five storks to carry the kid. When after some time he clapped and laughed, the vibration broke every window in the house. At the age of seven months, he sawed the legs off his parents' bed at night. Paul and Babe the Blue Ox dug the Grand Canyon when he carried his axe behind him. He formed Mount Hood by accumulating rocks on top of his campfire to put it out.

Companion of Paul Bunyan

Babe the Blue Ox, Bunyan's mate, was a huge creature with extraordinary strength. Most myths of Bunyan manifest Babe the Blue Ox as being of massive size compared to everything else. Among other stories, a myth about the creation of huge lakes was also a tale in which Paul Bunyan required to make a watering hole sufficient enough for Babe to drink from. There are also tales narrating that the 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota were created from the footprints of Paul and Babe while they wandered endlessly in massive snowstorm.

Paul Bunyan Day 2017