Passover Seder

Its major aspect is the reading of the Haggadah and which relates. The events of the Exodus of the Jewish people from ancient Egypt whole with symbolic reenactments. Using specially prepared Matzah, bitter herbs and Kosher wine

The Shmurah Matzah is made purposely for use at the Seder and with particularly supervised flour according to mainly stringent Jewish traditions and laws. The bitter herbs (Maror) consist of either romaine horseradish. Lettuce and commemorate the unkind conditions of slavery in ancient Egypt. In course of the Seder they consume four cups wine to commemorate the redemption of the Jewish people. The holiness of the holiday and events related in the Haggadah. The for Jewish people Seder is a important occasion to gather together to strengthen their ties to Judaism.

Passover Seder Plate

Of the most usually observed that Passover seder is one most important of all Jewish customs.The center of every Passover seder is a Passover seder plate. The reputation of the Passover Seder because of the seder plate's central position in its observance. The plate has become a very common outlet for Jewish artistic appearance.

Most Passove seder plates have six dishes for the six symbols of the Passover seder. These are:

Passover Seder Plate


  • Maror (bitter herbs)
  • Karpas (vegetable)
  • Chazeret (bitter vegetable)
  • Charoset (apple, nut, spice and wine mixture)
  • Zeroa (shankbone)
  • Beitzah (egg)

Passover Seder Order

'Seder' means 'order'. Thus, some order should be  followed  compulsory at the night of Seder. The precise Passover Seder Order in which the rituals of the night are perform are as follows:

  • Kaddesh (Sanctification)
  • Urechatz (Washing)
  • Karpas (Vegetable)
  • Yachatz (Breaking)
  • Maggid (The Story)
  • Rachtzah (Second Washing)
  • Motzi (Blessing over Grain Products)
  • Matzah (Blessing over Matzah)
  • Maror (Bitter Herbs)
  • Korech (The Sandwich)
  • Shulchan Orech (Dinner)
  • Tzafun (Afikomen)
  • Barech (Grace after Meals)
  • Hallel (Praises)
  • Nirtzah (Closing)

Passover Seder Wine

Four glasses of wine are poured during the Seder to be a symbol of the four main stages of Exodus that led Hebrew slaves to the promised land of freedom. These stages were:

  • Freedom
  • Deliverance
  • Redemption
  • Release

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