Pasifika Festival 2016

The Pasifika Festival is an annual festival hosted on the theme of pacific Island. The festival is celebrated in Western Springs, Auckland City, New Zealand. The Pasifika Festival is the largest festival of its kind and is attended by more than two hundred thousand visitors every year.


The first Pasifika Festival was celebrated in the year 1993 and since then it is celebrated every year. Pasifika Festival is a free annual event and in fact the world’s largest display of pacific talent and art.


The Pasifika Festival is a cultural festival which showcases the cultural experience of the local tribes in New Zealand, including their cuisines and cultural performances. The participants comes from Samoga, Tonga, Cook Island, Fiji, Niue, Tahiti, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Kiribati and The Tangata Whenua tribes. The festival also honors families as per the established tradition. The festival aims at acknowledging the local people and their culture. It not only promotes the rare cultural experience but also strives to preserve it for the future generation. The festival starts at 10 AM and ends at 5 PM featuring several cultural performances and it is the kick start event for celebrating Pasifika, a four week pacific experience. The festival also attracts talent from across the world in a bid to mix the traditional and modern era. Mostly, Pasifika Festival is a music event but other art performances are also exhibited.


The festival venue can be reached either by train or by buses. One can also drive to the festival venue. Public parking is also available. A free park and ride service is also available.

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