Parents Day 2017

To raise a child from a little baby to a good and respectful human being is one of the biggest responsibilities of parents. Parents are a synonym for unconditional love and commitment. A parent walk with their children at all the times guides them at difficulty and gives a shoulder in to cry on; and all these without being asked for. So shouldn't this unconditional and pure love and guidance be celebrated, and shouldn’t the parents be thanked for the person and guide they are? this beautiful gift of love should always be acknowledged and treasured.


Parents Day, a day to appreciate the love and support parents provide, was adopted in the year 1994.  The U S President Bill Clinton, in the year 1994 proposed a day to commemorate the effort and love given by the parents to raise and prepare the child for everything in future. He signed a law resolution and the fourth Sunday of July was decided as a day for "recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children." This law signed into the resolution was also happily adopted by the US Congress. Parents Day celebration was very fast accepted by many part of the world and today millions of children take the opportunity to make the day special and memorable for their parents.


Parents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year and this year it will fall on Sunday the 25th. This is an opportunity to thank for the beautiful relationship and love the parents maintain with their children. Parents Day can be taken to thank the two very important people in your life. Take this opportunity to make them feel special and appreciated and you can do these in many ways; big and small.

Parents Day need not be celebrated with lavish party or expensive gifts. The day is to honor the love, attachment, respect and compassion shown by the very important two people in the life of every individual. So make it a day when they really feel proud of the parents they are and the children they have. Why not spent the entire day within the family? And share some beautiful intimate moments together. Cook up something which both your parents enjoy and make it their day. Talk about all those happy and proud moments you had with your parents and thank them from heart for being who they are and most importantly for making you the person who you are.

You can also celebrate the day by going out to one of your parent's favorite spot and buy them a cone of ice cream or any other little pleasure which they bought for you when you were small. And tell them how much you appreciate all those small and lovely little things they did for you then and are still doing. Tell them about all those little things you love about them and have learnt from them.

Parents Day Gifts

Presents and gifts are the best way to say "we care" and so do buy have something to give your parents on this special day. You can give reserve them a table at their favorite restaurant if they like eating out. You can gift them a holiday package to any of their favorite spot or to the place they had their honeymoon. You don’t have to run behind expensive gifts to make them happy coz most of the time a little visit or a phone call would do. You can take home a small gift with you if you are planning to visit your parents this Parents Day. Buy a bunch of your mother's favorite flower and pick up your fathers favorite magazine at the store near you and tell them you care. You can also buy your mother a beautiful scarf, a knitting set or a cookbook or anything you know she loves or will love. And for your father you can get a pen, his favorite cigar or a bottle of his special wine. Anyhow make the gift a special and unique one which says "Just for you." without any words.

Anything you buy them and everything you do on this special occasion should be done with a smile on your face, and love and concern in your heart. And never forget it is not just one day in the whole year when you should be with them, take a few moments every now and then to thank them and tell them… "I could never ever have or wish for better parents than both of you."

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Parents Day 2017