Parents Day Speech

Parents Day is a gesture of love and respect that children show to their parents in response of their selfless efforts and contribution in the upbringing of their children. 

Parents Day was initiated by the US President Bill Clinton in an aim to conserve a day in the honor of parents together. The day is an extended link of Mother Day and Father Day celebration and is celebrated on every fourth Sunday of July.

Children can do various things to make this day special for their parents like they can prepare a gift for them, can perform dance or sing a song, can take them for lunch or dinner, or can present them a card or a bouquet. But, what can be more impressive and expressive, then giving a very effective speech filled with mesmerizing and touching words and phrases? Words are the best medium of showing our respect and gratitude to the parents. Hence, they should be specifically chosen and arranged in an effective manner to make this day very special.

Some tips for making Parents Day Speech effective and well presentable are given below:

  • Selection of particular and effective words for this occasion can only make your speech good to hear and understand. A well written speech comprises selective words and phrases to make it applause winning.
  • The speech should comprise emotional phrases and should be short in size to avoid creating boredom around. The words chosen should be relevant in showcasing your love and honor towards your parents.
  • Putting old and loving moments you spent with your parents can take your parents to loving old days.
  • Putting incidences of your childish activities will bring all those cherish moments live again and will make the environment lively, yet emotional.
  • Putting old incidences will make an emotional connection between you and your parents as they love to know that you still have not forgotten those lively moments.
  • Be particular and selective while writing sentences for the speech. The concentration of the speech is to make your parents proud of what they have done in bringing their children to adulthood.  Put complete phrases and avoid pleasing sentences.
  • Well written speech can only be successful, if it is delivered in right way.  So, present your speech in effective manner with good presentation including right delivery in right sentences with right pauses and sentiments.

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