Parents Day Activities & Celebrations

Parents Day is a gesture of honor given children by to their parents to show their love and respect for them. It is a perfect gift of recognizing the educational and proclamation efforts that parents put in the upbringing of their children.

Parents Day is considered very special society as it acknowledges the dedication and unconditional love and support that parents give to their children despite of any problem they face in life to accomplish it.

The support of parents is considered to be very important in the growth and development of the children in both emotional and academic front. The day provides an excellent medium to maintain good communication between two generations and helps in building the emotional and mental bond stronger.
The entire family comes together to celebrate this event with great enthusiasm and gusto.

For parents, the day is the acknowledgment of their successful transformation from man and woman to husband and wife, and thus to a stronger connection of being a parent together. It shows that the efforts they have put in the upbringing of their children are right and are in the right direction.


Parents Day is not a very old custom. It was initialized in 1994 in the United States by that time President, Bill Clinton.  The President formulated this day after taking inspiration from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration and initiated this occasion for parents. By then, Parents Day is celebrated on fourth Sunday of July every year.

Parents Day Celebrations:

Parents Day is celebrated by giving gifts to your parents, taking them for a lunch or dinner, giving a speech, and presenting a special performance for them.

Gifts you can give to your parents:

Parents Day Cards:  

Wishes framed in good words is the world-best gift to your parents. Greetings cards are the best way of expressing your love and respect to your parents. The quotations written in a greeting card can represent your feeling without saying any words. Because of the huge success of Parents Day celebration worldwide, greeting cards designers and publishers are including new designs to make greeting cards more attractive and meaningful. With this, greeting cards are not very costly to buy.  One can get a greeting card from the gift shops as per his/her requirement and pocket. Further, in this hi-tech world you can get lot of e-cards specifically designed for this occasion, that too without any cost.

Above all, you can design a card for your parents to give personal touch to your gift.


Another well-known gift for this occasion is a beautiful bouquet created by assembling roses and other beautiful flowers. The aroma and beauty of these flowers will express your true feelings wisely. The bouquet shops are now designing specific arrangements for this occasion. A bouquet arranged by assembling some white and peach roses along with yellow ribbon decoration resembles a type of arrangements for Parents Day.


Giving gifts is a beautiful medium of expressing your love and respect to your parents. The day becomes memorable by including some cheerful activities, as they can filled the environment with joy and laughter. Activities that could be performed on this day are:

Making gifts: What can be more cheerful than preparing a gift for your parents? The activity will make the day memorable and will create a strong bond between parent and children. Children can create a gift for their parents according to their liking and can fill them with a beautiful quotation to make them more expressive.

Present a diary: A diary written by children based on the most memorable moments with their parents can be a great gift for the parents.

Special performance: Special performances like dance, song, a play, or a special speech could surprise your parents very much and would definitely make them happy and feel honored.

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