ParaPro Test

What is ParaPro Test?

A paraprofessional educator, or more commonly known as ParaPro, is a teaching-related position within a school, generally responsible for specialized or intense assistance for students in elementary and secondary schools.

The ParaPro Assessment test is for prospective and practicing paraprofessionals to measure their skills and knowledge in reading, mathematics, and writing. This test consists of 90 multiple choice questions on reading, maths, and writing. Roughly, two-third of the questions in each subject area focuses on the basic skills and knowledge. Around one-third of the questions on each subject area concentrate on the skills and knowledge of the classroom context.

Reading: The reading skills and knowledge section measures the examinees ability to understand, interpret and analyze a wide range of text. The questions in this section are based on reading passages, graphs, charts, and tables.

Mathematics: The math section assesses the mathematical concepts and ability to apply them to abstract and real-life situations. The candidate must be skilled in Number Sense and Basic Algebra, Geometry and Measurement and Data Analysis. Candidates are not allowed to use a calculator.


In order to qualify for the ParaPro test, one must meet atleast one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • An associate or a degree in arts
  • Two years of college
  • Exhibit knowledge and ability in reading, writing and math through a state or local academic assessment.

How to APPLY

The ParaPro test is available in an Internet based testing format and pencil based testing format. More flexibility in registration is seen in the Internet based test. This does not require pre-registration. This test can be taken throughout the year at participating school districts. The paper based ParaPro test is held four times a year at chosen test centers. All the relevant information is available in the official website.


The ParaPro paper based test can be scheduled at a chosen test center by the candidate. For the Internet based version, it can be taken throughout the year at participating school districts.


Free assistance is provided by the ETS for preparing for the ParaPro test. This is available in a PDF format or an online tutorial.


The Internet based ParaPro test is scored immediately after the test. The unofficial scores are displayed on the screen after you complete the test. However, the official scores are mailed after two weeks of testing.

The results of paper-based ParaPro test are mailed nearly after four weeks of testing. However, inquiry can also be made through a telephone on paying an additional amount.

Each correct answer of the test is given one point. The raw scores are converted into scaled scores which fall in a range of 420-480. There is no negative marking for an incorrect answer. However, the passing score for states and districts is separate. The scores are mentioned in your score report and the status of your test, i.e pass or fail is also mentioned.

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