Panafest 2016

panafest, earlier known as Pan African Historical Theatre Project is a cultural event organized for Africans and people of African origin to promote African culture and unity among people of African descent. It also helps to develop the continent of Africa. panafest is held every two years in Ghana. The event was started in the year 1992.


Africa has been suppressed since ages and has been through many traumatic events. The panafest tries to bring this trauma to rest and reinstall the confidence among the African nations and its people. The festival aims to bring back the lost confidence among the African people and put the continent into the growth path. It helps the whole continent to unite and progress collaboratively towards an era of development and positive future. panafest tries to heal the injuries inflicted upon the heart of African continent. Apart from the healing effect, panafest also promotes the African culture and celebrates the strength and achievement of Africans and the continent of Africa.

The panafest festival also showcases performances in the area of theatre, drama, music and poetry along with viewing of durbar of chiefs and other places of interest.


panafest has become an international event since its inception and has made Ghana a role model for all African countries to look up at. The festival has support of the Government of Ghana and all the organizers who put in their effort to make it a success. The event is attended by delegates and people from African countries as well as from Caribbean and South American nations.

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