Palm Sunday Activities

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Jesus' last week before crucifixion. He entered into Jerusalem in triumph riding on a donkey. Do you know why he rode on a donkey instead of a horse?

In Biblical times, just as today, symbolism can be very significant. In this instance, a man riding into town on a horse and with ritual usually meant that he was coming as a victorious hero. Horses were usually kept back either for the very well-off or for the military. On the other side, a donkey symbolized peace. The donkey was also the animal of the ordinary man. In other words, even though it was a victorious and triumphal way in, Jesus was entering Jerusalem in peace and as the Christ of all men … not just the fortunate.

Here are some activities of the timeline of Jesus entrance into Jerusalem

Palm Sunday Reading: Read The Gospel of Mark, chapter 11. This passage gives a description of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the first day of the week of Palm Sunday. There was a large get-together of people that spread their clothes and palm leaves on the way. This was a means of honoring Him. Palm leaves were symbolic of victory.

Palm Sunday Science: look into the different types of palms. There are the date palms, the royal palms and coconut palms. List the different uses of the coconuts and dates. The date palm was the most significant in Biblical times. The entire date palm was used.

Palm Sunday Cooking: After researching palms, you may would like to try cooking foods that include coconut, coconut milk, or dates. You could also investigate and cook historically precise foods that would have been eaten in the Middle East during Jesus’ time on Earth, particularly those that would have been eaten as the Jewish Passover celebration.

Palm Sunday GEOGRAPHY: There is a misinterpretation that events in the Bible happened in locations that no longer are present. Present a world map. Spot out Jerusalem, Bethphage, and Bethany to them. Describe a map of Jerusalem. In what part of the world is Jerusalem located? What country is Jerusalem a part of? What language do they talk? It is likely for this to be a mini - unit in itself.

Palm Sunday History: What other globe events occurred during this same time period? What was going happening in places like Rome, Egypt, etc? Look into what part Rome had in Jerusalem’s key. Who were the key figures in this time period and location?

Palm Sunday Home Ec: Sew replica clothing that would have been torn by the Jewish people in Jerusalem all over this time period. Would the Romans have damaged different clothing?

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