Paleo Festival 2016

The Paleo Festival also known as the Paleo festival de Nyon started in the year 1976 as a folk festival in Nyon. The Paleo festival is a musical festival and started initially with only two stages near the Lake Geneva. With time the festival moved to Plaine De L’Asse which is accessible by both rail and road. The Paleo festival is one of the biggest European open air music festivals second only to Sziget Festival.


The paleo festival is celebrated for six days and organized during the last week of July from Tuesday to Sunday. The Paleo festival has six stages namely La Grande Scène (the Main Stage), Le Chapiteau (the Circus Tent), Le Club Tent (the Club Tent), La Ruche (the hive) formerly called 'La Crique', Le Dôme (the Dome) and Le Détour (stage for regional bands now located inside the festival).
Le Dome stage shows only artists invited from a part of the world. To add to the Le Dome attraction, the Paleo festival has started Le Village du Monde (The World Village) since 2003, which a reserved space for an invited region of the world and offers the region’s food and culture. The main stage concert is always preceded by a grand firework display along with music.
Today, the festival attracts artists and fans from around the world.


One can purchase the tickets at the official website of the festival. Discounted tickets are available as early as six months from the date of festival bit are sold out very quickly. During spring time, the festival organizer puts up slightly less discounted tickets for sale. Once the discounted tickets are over, the tickets are sold at full price.

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