P Visa

USA P Visa is a visa given on a short-term basis to non-immigrants who belong to the category of athletics, artists, entertainers and their partners and off springs. This visa is granted considering the duration of event the non-immigrant is coming for. Hence, it becomes necessary to furnish a detailed timetable of events. In simple words, the non-immigrant gets to stay in the US as long as the event is going on. Nonetheless, if the non-immigrant has inked the event only for a fixed period, the visa is granted only upto that period. The USA P visa category is divided into P-1, P-2 and P-3.


To be granted USA P Visa, the non-immigrant has to excel for a long period of time or be globally known as an athlete or be a part of an athletic team. USA P Visa is also given to entertainment companies who are well-known. P-1 Visas are given considering the proficiency of a team. Non-immigrants of a team who desire to apply for P-1 should have played an important role in the team for a period of atleast one year, while nearly 25% of them are waved-off from the one year requirement if needed. In cases concerning serious ill-health wherein the non-immigrant has not been able to meet the requirement, he/she can be exempted.

The need of one-year criteria is only applicable to performers and is not valid for support personnel. This requirement stands void for people working in a circus, including performers.

Eligibility criteria

Since the USA P visa is divided into 3 categories, the eligibility criteria for them are different.

Eligibility criteria for Athletes (P-1 Visa)

Athletes who possess international recognition in an event or contest or concert and achieved a degree of skill are eligible for P-1 Visa. This degree of skill should be known across the globe and stand valid in atleast one country. For people who desire to visit the States in a team should have attained acknowledgment and certified to be at par with international athletic teams.

Eligibility criteria for Artists (P-2 Visa)

P-2 visas are issued to artists as an individual or in a team who wish to perform in the U.S. The performance should be reciprocal between the United States and or other states. The criterion to gain a visa is that applicant or non-immigrant should evidence the program through formal or hand-written conformity. This should advisably be done through a labor union organization. The group or individual desiring to come to the U.S. should mandatorily possess skills that stand strong to get the visa approved.

Eligibility criteria for Entertainers (P-3 Visa)

USA P-3 Visa is the visa category for entertainers as a team or as a single person. The aim of the visa seeker should be to expand, understand, signify, tutor or train in an artistic new series. The nature of program series can vary from being commercial to non-commercial.

Application process

To apply for USA P Visa, the application process should be followed;

Step 1: Form DS-160 should be filed by the U.S Company the non-immigrant is being associated with. A print out of the same should be taken for reference purpose.

Step 2: The required fee should be paid

Step 3: Attach the necessary documents required

Step 4: An appointment should be booked on telephone or online using Visa Appointment Service

Step 5: Submit the pre- registration form online. If your visa gets endorsed, it will be dispatched through DHL.

Step 6: The interview should be attended on time.

Supporting Documents required

Filing of Form-129 by the immigrant is required along with the following documents;

  • A letter in writing from the concerned labor organization
  • The contact copy with the U.S. sports team or the individual team which is recognized globally; if only such contracts are followed in sports.
  • A schedule of the event and journey
  • Documents of at the least two mentioned below-
  • Proof of participation in an event previously with a U.S sports team
  • A participation certificate of international contest with a nationalized team
  • A certificate proof of participation with any U.S College or university at intercollegiate level
  • A detailed description of recognition of your team by the U.S sports official or its governing authority
  • A statement in writing from a renowned sports person stating how the team gained international name and fame
  • The sports ranking of the team the non-immigrant is/was associated with
  • Any honor or award received by the team the non-immigrant played for


The application fee of USA P Visa is $190.

Application Form

The application form for USA P visa is DS-160 which should be filled and submitted online along with a digital passport size photograph.

Rejection reasons

The reasons for USA P Visa rejection are;

A goof-up- A minute mistake like misspelling a word, entering data in the wrong box etc can lead to rejection of USA P Visa.

Slip of the tongue- After the application process is submitted, the non-immigrant is called for a face-to-face interview. The interview process is done to get hold of fake applicants and forward genuine desirous non-immigrants. While the interviewer poses questions to the non-immigrant, a slip of the tongue while answering might pave way for rejection of non-immigrants’ USA P visa.

Insufficient funds- The U.S. visa attorney needs an assurance from the non-immigrant regarding his/her financial condition that he/she is capable of sustaining their residence in the U.S and have enough money to return to their homeland. When the non-immigrant who desires to visit the U.S through USA P- Visa fails in producing a copy of sufficient funds, the visa leads to rejection.

Negligence in assorting documents- When the visa application is submitted, confirm that all the necessary documents are submitted. If in case any credential misses out like a bank statement, the U.S authority does not provide the non-immigrant with another opportunity to rectify the error. This straight-forwardly leads to visa rejection.

Fake documents- The non-immigrant has no fair idea as to which document is real or fake but the U.S authority has an eagle’s eye on recognizing them. When the U.S officials determine the non-immigrants document/documents to be unreal, the non-immigrant will be banned for life from entering the United States of America.  

How long can one stay or extension with this visa

P-1 Visa: The visa validity for USA P-1 Visa is 5 years. Extension with this visa can be made upto a period of 5 years. The total validity of USA P-1 visa for athletes is 10 years beyond which it cannot exceed.

P-2 Visa & P-3 Visa: The USA P-2 and P-3 Visa are granted only upto a year and can be renewed for a year.

This visa holders whether qualified to apply for other visas and citizenship

People who possess USA P Visa can apply for adjustment of their visa status seeking permanent residence in the State by enrolling in a part time study program.

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