Oyster Day 2017

Oysters are a delicacy in many countries. In the US, they are included among gourmet foods. Oysters find their way into soups, casseroles  and even sandwiches. Oysters are rich in several vital substances like calcium, iodine, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. So with so much importance attached to this delectable sea food, there is little wonder that there is an entire day in the year dedicated to it. Oyster Day is celebrated on the 5th of month each year.


  • The idea is to appreciate oysters on their special day. Hence, you need to include oysters in at least one meal on this day. This you can do by eating at a seafood restaurant.

  • If you have the requisite culinary skills, then home is the place to be. Get out your cook books and give your family an oyster feast.

  • It may so happen that you have never made an oyster dish before. This is the perfect day to learn an oyster dish.

  • If you are confident about your cooking, you could perhaps call a few friends over for an oyster meal. Or better still, you could have an oyster pot-luck. This will give you and your friends a good opportunity to exchange ideas about oyster dishes.

So this year when oyster day comes along, plan ahead so that you can have lots of fun with oysters.

Oyster Day 2017