Osho Rajneesh Biography

Osho Rajneesh Biography

Born as Rajneesh Chandra Mohan, Osho Rajneesh was a famous spiritual leader. A professor of Philosophy, he assumed several names like Acharya Raneesh and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Born: December 11, 1931, Raisen district, India
Died: January 19, 1990, Pune, India
Full name: Chandra Mohan Jain
Parents: Babulal, Saraswati Jain
Education: Dr. Hari Singh Gour University (1957), D. N. Jain College (1955)


  • Osho Rajneesh was born to a Jain family in a small village of Madhya Pradesh.
  • He also participated in the Indian freedom struggle movement. He was a member of the Indian National Army and also of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.
  • After completing his masters in Philosophy, Osho Rajneesh participated in the annual Sarva Dharma Sammelan. It was here that Osho gave his first public speech and henceforth continued his public sermons.
  • Osho Rajneesh also worked as a lecturer at the Sanskrit College in Raipur.Very soon Osho Rajneesh started travelling all over India, lecturing on Socialism and Gandhi.

Career :

  • Osho Rajneesh was surrounded by controversies owing to his new ideas. In spite of all the criticism, he was successful in attracting many wealthy buisenessmen who came to Rajneesh in search of spiritual guidance.
  •  It was in Mumbai that Osho Rajneesh adopted the title of ‘Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’. By that time Osho had stopped speaking at public meetings and had established base at Woodlands Apartments in Mumbai.
  • When Osho moved from Jabalpur to Mumbai, he introduced a new method of meditation called the Dynamic Meditation method. This new method attracted a large number of followers.
  • Osho Rajneesh soon started facing health problems in Mumbai and so his followers set up an ashram at Pune where he started teaching.
  • Osho’s popularity was growing manifold in the new ashram and slowly even foreigners started visiting his ashram which eventually led to a huge expansion of the ashram. In modern times this ashram is known as the Osho International Meditation Centre.
  • Rajneesh’s followers bought a plot in Oregon in the United States and named in Rajneeshpuram. The Osho settled there. However, not only Rajneeshpuram but also Osho’s followers faced a lot of charges.
  • Osho Rajneesh was arrested by the police in North Carolina owing to immigration issues. After this incident, Osho was forced to leave the United States, never to come back.
  • From the U.S, Osho travelled to other countries but he was not allowed to stay there. Thus, he returned to his old ashram in Pune where he once again started preaching.


  • Osho Rajneesh became popular as a spiritual therapist and won international popularity owing to his new ways of life.


'The power of our unconscious mind is enormous; what we cannot do in our conscious state we can do with the help of the unconscious mind more sensible than the conscious.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'WHEN you love a person all fear disappears. And when you are afraid all love disappears.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'ONE becomes scared of love, then people remain satisfied with bodily love and they believe this to be love in its entirity.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'GOD is just a name of the totality of existence.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'GOD chooses first, then you start feeling a hunger for him...men can not choose God, it is God who chooses man.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'DEATH is a door to God. Those who knows how to die know how to enter into God. Clingers clinging to life never know what God is.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'WHAT is a prayer? Prayer is sending blessing to all. Prayer is sending your compassion to all. Prayer is creating an antidote of negative thoughts - it is positively.'
- Osho Rajneesh

'FAITH is not belief, it is love. Faith is not belief it is not half, it is total. Faith is not belief because there is no doubt in it, so how can you believe?'
- Osho Rajneesh

' FAITH is not rationalization at all: neither for nor against, neither this nor that. Faith is a trusting, a love.'
- Osho Rajneesh

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