Greek Baby Names - Page 2

Baby Name Gender Meaning
Andromeda Girl beautiful maiden rescued by perseus
Andy Boy manly (short for the name Andrew)
Anemone Girl breath‚ windflower
Angel Girl angelic
Angela Girl heavenly messenger
Angelo Boy heavenly messenger
Anieli Boy manly
Anker Boy manly
Anneliese Girl consecrated and gracious
Anteia Girl wife of sea-god proteus
Anthea Girl lady of flowers
Aphrodite Girl Goddess of Love
Apolline Girl sunshine‚ warmth and strength
Apollo Boy manly beauty
Apollonia Girl feminine form of Apollo‚ the God of the sun
Apostolos Boy
Ares Boy god of war
Aretha Girl the best‚ nymph
Aretina Girl virtous
Argus Boy bright‚ watchful
Arianna Girl holy
Aricia Girl princess of the royal blood of Athens
Arion Boy musician
Arissa Girl best
Aristo Boy best
Arsen Boy strong
Arsenio Boy manly‚ virile
Artemis Boy moon
Artemisia Girl belonging to artemis
Asia Girl East
Aspasia Girl welcomed
Astra Girl like a star
Athan Boy immortal
Athena Girl goddess of wisdom
Atiyana Girl
Attis Boy handsome boy
Aure Girl breeze‚ soft-air
Axelia Girl protector of mankind
Baptista Girl baptizer
Barbra Girl strange
Bastiaan Boy venerable
Battista Girl the baptizer
Belen Boy an arrow
Bellanca Girl stronghold
Bemus Boy platform
Bernice Girl bringer of victory
Bobbie Girl strange
Briseis Girl She is the cousin to the Trojans Hector and Paris in Homer's The Odyssey and The Illiad.
Bront Unisex thunder
Calandra Girl lark
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