Greek Baby Names - Page 10

Baby Name Gender Meaning
Titania Girl giant
Titian Girl red-gold
Titus Boy of the giants
Tressa Girl harvester
Tymon Boy honoring God
Tyrone Boy king
Urania Girl heavenly‚ muse of astronomy
Urian Boy from heaven
Uriana Girl the unknown
Ursa Girl form of Ursula
Vanessa Girl a butterfly
Vara Girl the stranger
Vasiliki Girl basil
Vasilios Boy with royal blood‚ regal
Vasilis Boy form of Basil
Voleta Girl veiled one
Xandra Girl form of Zandra
Xandy Girl protector of man
Xanthe Girl yellow‚ fair hair
Xanthus Boy yellow
Xena Girl guest
Xenia Girl hospitable
Xenobia Girl
Xenophon Boy strange voice
Xenos Boy stranger
Xylia Girl wood dweller
Xylina Girl of the woods
Xylon Boy forest
Xylona Girl from the forest
Yanni Boy form of John
Yelena Girl
Yolanda Girl violet flower‚ modest
Zale Boy sea-strength
Zander Boy form of Alexander
Zandra Girl defender of mankind
Zanita Girl long teeth
Zanthe Girl form of Xanthe
Zarek Boy may God protect the king
Zebina Girl one who is gifted
Zefirino Boy wind of spring
Zelia Girl zeal
Zena Girl alive
Zenaide Girl one who has devoted his life to God
Zenia Girl hospitable
Zeno Boy of Zeus
Zenobia Girl of Zeus
Zenobio Boy strength of Jupiter
Zenos Boy gift of Zeus
Zephyr Boy wind
Zera Girl seeds
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