Greek Baby Names - Page 1

Baby Name Gender Meaning
Abacus Boy calculating
Acacia Girl thorny‚ naive
Acantha Girl thorny
Achilles Boy without lips‚ brown‚ dark
Achlys Girl mist‚ darknesss
Adelphos Boy brother
Ademia Girl without husband
Admes Boy
Adonia Girl beautiful
Adonis Boy man loved by aphrodite‚ handsome
Adrastos Boy undaunted
Aeneas Boy worthy of praise
Aetos Boy eagle
Agape Unisex love of the next
Agatha Girl good‚ kind
Agatone Boy good‚ kind
Aglaia Girl wisdom‚ glory
Airlia Girl ethereal
Ajax Boy eagle
Alala Girl war goddess
Alastor Boy avenger
Alcander Boy strong
Alcina Girl strongminded
Aldora Girl winged gift
Alec Boy protector of men
Alethea Girl truthful one
Alex Boy protector of mankind (from the name Alexander)
Alexa Girl protector of mankind
Alexander Boy protector of mankind
Alexandra Girl helper of mankind
Alexandria Girl defender of mankind
Alexis Girl protector of mankind
Alisa Girl rational‚ variant of Alice
Alpha Boy first born
Althea Girl healer‚ wholesome
Alysa Girl princess
Alysia Girl captivating
Alyssa Girl logical
Alyxandra Girl defender of mankind
Amarus Boy unfading love
Amaryllis Girl fresh‚ sparkling
Ambrose Boy immortal
Ambrosine Girl immortal
Amethyst Girl a precious stone
Anais Girl graceful
Anastasia Girl resurrection
Anatole Boy from the East
Andrea Boy courageous
Andreas Boy strong and manly
Andreus Boy son of river peneius
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