French Baby Names

Baby Name Gender Meaning
Adora Girl beloved one
Alaina Girl harmonious one
Alavda Girl lark
Alayna Girl variant of Alaina
Aleron Boy knight armor
Algernon Boy mustachioed
Alonso Boy having whiskers (from the name Algernon)
Alsatia Girl From Alsace-Loraine area of France
Amarante Girl flower name
Amelie Girl hard working
Andie Girl courageous
Andre Boy manly‚ courageous
Angelique Girl angelic
Angevin Girl angel of wine
Anjolle Girl pretty angel
Annette Girl gracious‚ variant of Anne
Aramis Boy archer
Ariane Girl holy
Armand Boy of the army
Astin Boy strong Leader‚ trustworthy
Aubree Girl blonde ruler
Aubrie Girl blonde ruler
Audra Girl from the name Audrey
Audric Boy old and wise rule
Aveline Girl hazel
Aviah Girl birdlike
Avril Girl April
Ayme Girl variant of Amy
Babette Girl stranger‚lovely
Bastien Boy venerable
Baylaa Girl beauty
Beau Boy handsome‚ beautiful
Beaumont Boy from the beautiful mountain
Beauregard Boy beautiful‚ handsome
Bebe Unisex baby
Bedelia Girl strength
Bellamy Boy handsome friend
Belle Girl beautiful
Berang Girl courage of a bear
Berangr Girl courage of a bear
Berenger Boy courage of a bear
Bibiane Girl lively
Bijou Girl jewel
Bleu Girl blue color
Boden Boy herald
Bogart Boy strong as a bow
Bonamy Girl good friend
Boswell Boy forested town
Bouvier Boy
Boyce Boy woodland
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