English Baby Names

Baby Name Gender Meaning
Ackley Boy meadow of oaks
Acton Boy town with many oaks
Adalaide Girl noble‚ variant of Heidi
Addison Boy Adam's son
Afton Girl river name
Ailen Boy made of oak
Aland Boy bright as the sun
Alberic Boy rules with elf wisdom
Alcott Boy old cottage
Alden Boy antique‚ old‚ wise protector‚ old friend
Alder Boy birch tree‚ revered one
Aldercy Girl a chief
Aldrich Boy old king
Alexi Girl female variant of Alexander
Alfie Boy elf counsel or inspired advice (from the name Alfred)
Alfred Boy wise counsel
Alicia Girl of noble birth
Alvin Boy elf wine‚ noble friend
Alyx Girl helper
Amaris Girl Child of the moon
Amberjill Girl
Amherst Boy place name
Amsden Boy from the ambroses valley
Annabeth Girl combination name of Anna and Beth
Annalynn Girl combination name of Anna and Lynn
Ansley Boy from the pastureland of the noble
Armstrong Boy strong arm
Arwin Boy young‚ prince
Ash Girl from the ash tree
Ashlee Girl from the field of ash trees
Ashleigh Girl from the ash tree
Ashley Girl ash-tree
Ashli Girl ash tree meadow
Ashtin Boy dweller at the ash-tree town
Ashton Unisex ash tree
Ashtyn Boy from the ash-tree town
Aspen Girl type of tree
Aster Girl star
Atherol Boy dweller at the spring farm
Atherton Girl dweller at the spring
Atticus Boy father-like
Atwater Boy from the waterside
Atwood Boy forest dweller
Avalon Boy island
Avena Girl oats
Averill Boy boar-warrior
Bailee Girl courtyard within the walls
Baili Girl bailiff
Bancroft Boy bean field
Barclay Boy birch meadow
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