Oracle DBA Online Training

Define Oracle DBA?

Oracle database system can be small as well as large and accordingly it can have few users or many users. Designing, implementing, and maintaining a large Oracle database system requires group of persons to share the responsibility and that person is known as Database Administrator (DBA). Each database requires one database administrator to administer it. Oracle DBA’s will learn to create and manage operational database, performance monitoring, user management and security, database backup and recovery from operation perspective.

Who can take the Oracle DBA training?

Students having a strong desire to pursue a career as Oracle DBA with BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering degree are eligible to get trained in Oracle DBA course. This course is open to both working professionals as well as current students

Oracle DBA course highlights

  • Overview of the Oracle DBA
  • Oracle Database Concepts and Architecture
  • Database Users and Security
  • Database Integrity and Table definitions
  • Schema Management
  • Oracle Database Performance and Monitoring
  • Oracle database Backup and Recovery
  • Database Security, Auditing and Monitoring
  • Database Listeners, Services and Network Connectivity

Benefits of online learning

According to researchers, students learn more in online courses than those in traditional college classrooms. Here are few supporting benefits of online course.

  • The best part of online training is you can save lot of time and money.
  • You can learn it from anywhere and whenever you like. There is no need to travel to the institution, since the materials are available 24x7x360 days.
  • You can rewind it and see till the time you understand it.
  • As the online sites provide prerecorded video lectures and textual notes there is no fear of missing classes.

Duration and Price of the online course

There are several institutes that provide online training. Different online training websites will have different duration and price. Accordingly the duration varies between 4-5 days and they charge around $2,625.

How to choose best online training center?

Aspirants who seek to sign up in online training institutes must search for the best institutes available online. The online institutes must provide qualitative software training with qualified, highly experienced and dedicated training professionals. The institutes must offer competitive prices, rich quality content, exhaustive explanations and learner friendly interfaces and mainly 24/7 access if required.

Introduction to Oracle Database Administration Video


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