Opposite Day 2017

Opposite Day provides a great chance to shudder the winter gloom. Opposite Day brings to you many extra-curricular activities and you can do something special out of the usual activities with your children. You can use your thoughts to celebrate this holiday in a more attractive way. Plan before the day and surprise your children at the dawn of the day.

Generally January 25 is being celebrated as Opposite Day. It is a day people do opposite of what they usually do. However, Opposite Day is historically celebrated on first Tuesday of each month according to Wikipedia. 

Do everything opposite of your usual activity on Opposite Day:  

  • Breakfast time – Get up in the morning and have dinner instead of breakfast
  • Lunch time – Have breakfast or dinner food
  • Dinner time – Have lunch or breakfast food
  • Talking – Turn around your face and talk to someone
  • Reply – If someone talks to you, reply moving backward
  • Reading – Read from opposite direction
  • Eating – Eat dessert first then start main food. Eat food taking the spoon in opposite direction. You change your food habits on this day and have whatever is your opposite.
  • Clothing – Wear summer clothes in shuddering winter

Some Interesting Tips of celebrating Opposite Day:

Getting books of opposite theme:

  • Make fun with your children on this opposite day – Get some hilarious books having cartoon illustration.
  • Learn about the techniques of opposites from Chuck Murphy while having fun.
  • Get the famous classic picture book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss and have fun of opposites with your little kids.
  • Get the famous classic book by P.D. Eastman, “Big Dog, Little Dog” and develop the thought of opposites being best friends.

Exercise to find opposite Tree:

There are trees that grow in opposite direction. Find those opposite trees. Opposite day brings more fun indulging you with some activities such as to identify opposite tree. You have to find opposite tree very carefully. Find the buds of the tree growing in pairs on opposite sides. You can also find more than two buds at the same level so that the tree will be called as an opposite tree.

Gardening on Opposite Day:

Planting different colors of flowers in your garden helps you celebrate opposite day with your kids in a different style. You can make your garden a colorful one with lots of varieties of flowers in awkward directions. Kids will love this. Gardening helps you to develop comprehensive knowledge too.

Moral of Opposite Day:

Opposite day educates a great morality. The moral is unity in diversity. Although people are from different regions with different culture and languages but they stay together in one nation. America has its in-depth cultural and geographical difference but all people stay united. People of different human races speak one language that is English in the United States. People of United States of America do various types of work but they stay in one country and they are called Americans. Opposite Day makes it clear that although human beings have much difference in manners, styles, works, languages, foods but they are same and equal.

Opposite Day 2017