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Don’t wake up with the regret of what you couldn’t accomplish......

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Celebrities, Politicians, Writers and others who were once ordinary people,......

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There are many popular quotes by topics. On any given topic there are ......

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Quotation, often known as Quotes, is the procedure of stating someone else’s statement. The punctuation marks or the quotation marks are used in text to show the words of another speaker or writer. Quotes can also refer to quote notation, Quote, Sales Quote or a Financial Quote. Quotation inside a quotation is a Nested Quotation, and Methods to reflect quotations on web pages or in texts, is Pull quotes or Block quotation. While Quotation mark glyphs, air quotes, and scare quotes, punctuation marks are an accepted practice, Gathering quotations is Quotation mining, and Quoting out of the context is a mistaken belief.

While Facebook Status quotes are highly popular amongst people, Keeping It Real quotes are not far behind. Jealousy quotes, Love quotes, Life quotes, hate quotes, Laughter quotes are few among numerous categories of quotes.