Online Education Services USA

United States has a larger presence of online education through numerous institutions, Universities and Schools offering learning opportunities to students who would like to follow virtual educational system.

A survey of Sloan Survey Online 2010 indicates that number of online students has risen approximately to 5.6 million students. Similarly another survey 2011 by Babson Survey Research Group indicates that online enrollment reached to an all time high 6.1 million and seems to be coming down.

Feature & Types of online education services

Online education has been a combine of computers and learning activities based on an integrated arrangement with practical or classroom lead educational system. It is considered as continued educational system with or without e-classroom and/or internet facilities for teaching and learning. Through classroom lectures with power point presentations and purposeful websites created exclusively to the cause. Laptop oriented learning process  as a distance education pattern with complete online education pattern or a hybrid education where as classroom times are reduced are considered as other types of educational services.

Besides, computer based learning and computer based training are used for teaching and learning purposes, other one is self-paced learning activities which are taught through either computer or other hand-held devices. Another method of learning computer–supported collaborative learning (CSCL) is an assuring method of teaching that is constructed with modern information and communication technology for improvising learning experience. E-learning 2.0 is the recent development which consists of group learning or learning together. Technology Enhanced Learning is another type to provide social and technical advancement for e-learning practices without barriers of time, place and swiftness.

Financial help for online education

Like regular educational servicers at any university in full time capacity online courses too are eligible for financial assistance through federal and private loans. But students have to complete their FAFSA before applying for such financial aid from the federal side. Experts also recommend getting exhaust first the federal loan and looking after for private loans. Besides, it is better to plan about borrowings in order to avoid indebting more than required.