Online Education Programs

Online education is a process that enables both the student and teacher to communicate online as separated by place. This system was under wider application since the innovation of technology in the field of Telecommunication. Hence it has become a process of education with the help of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).

Current Scenario

Online education has become an inseparable part of education due to several factors. It involves long distance education at remote places from virtual classrooms to language learning platforms for foreign residents. This process has been attributed as a modern vehicle of education for future generations as a cost-effective method of teaching. It enables individuals suffering with physical, mental and other problematic barriers to overcome such odds across the society. Across the globe numerous educational institutions encourage and support virtual learning by including it under their curriculum.

Advantages of Online Education

Flexible: It is done according to individuals Schedule or Willingness at morning, afternoon or evening and even at mid of the night and relieves the strain of attaching with classroom schedules.

Universal Nature: Students from different regions can take advantage of online education with his/her presence in the country or foreign country. Apart from this students can be armed persons, non-residential employees and professionals working abroad.

Cost: online education costs you less compared to traditional education. First of all there is no need to bother about purchasing text books since they could be downloaded. Secondly, travelling and other costs incurred in due course of time can be curtailed. In few western institutions individuals can also avail an educational loan regardless of their income.

Study Materials: Under this system study materials of various forms like documents, transcripts and live discussions and training materials are well archived and recorded. Anybody can retrieve them at any given time with out strain. They can also be wire-transferred on request.

Access: As online education is versatile in virtual in nature, the tutors are made available over online to clarify doubts and teach online the diverse students falling under different geographies, culture and life styles and learning needs.

Disadvantages of Online Education

Employment: Some times employers may find validity of education of the tutor. They may insist with information on institution, syllabus, credits and other assignments accomplished during the course period.

Communication: Single point of communication and knowledge yearning channels in particular through emails may not effectively reach to the students or the material may lack tutor’s touch.

Courses: It is advised not to look out for extraordinary subjects or courses as they may not find place in the online. Hence it is difficult for any one to find sources in respect to specific field of education.