Online Education Activities

The activity provided by the teachers to the children brings out the idea of online education activities. Online learning supported with well designed instructional materials make the process better experienced. Various designs of audio, video, computer and networking technologies are combined to create a multi dimensional instruction delivery system.

Learning activities for children and adult

There are several methods followed by various service providers conduct PreK-6th grade pupils in both science and arts to encourage their engagement and achievements. Similarly they are designed for adults who would like to supplement their learning process to an extent. For adults continuing education has several activities including non degree career training, labor training, personal enrichment courses etc.

In order to attract children to those educational activities animation industry, web designing skills and internet coming together. Online games comes to fore while aiming for acquiring suitable mode for children’s online education. Educational games as they are named assisting adults and children to get out of every day stress. They are fun, stimulates to attract larger audience to use it. Various indoor games like scrabble help to keep the mind sharp and focusing. For more advantageous several such websites are free to use and enjoy fun and learn few things.

Choices of educational activities

Mostly these educational activities are inspired with physical activities which are in plenty. Later web based interactive and innovative formats helps to design online learning activities. These activities include internet searching and learning at a point of learning, virtual portals, virtual journal and e-contents or blogs, simulated science and art packages etc.

Online learning generally categorized into synchronous, asynchronous and blended models depending on the availability and approach to educate. Synchronous occurs simultaneously and has similarity with Live Chat, Live conference and webcasting. A major advantage of this model is, it can evaluate instantly on any student and required adjustments could be achieved. Disadvantage is to gather every source and target audience with in a time frame which may not be possible in all occasions. Asynchronous is like email, blog type learning which may not need learner and teacher’s live presence. Merits of this model are convenience, accessibility and self-paced. What comes as disadvantage is that it is not live and lacks live feedback on evaluation. The student may feel isolated and de-motivated. Blended learning contains traditional classrooms and online activities of announcements, blogs and quizzes etc. It may be help learners to receive timely help on feedback on tests and find out deficits in learning.