Old Maids Day 2017

Old Maids Day is celebrated on June 4th of every year across the globe. Actually “Old Maid” means an elderly, childless woman who has never married to anyone. If we go in the history of this special day roots go to the time of Second World War days. In those days when soldiers were coming back to their homes after a long and tedious war they were getting married. But still there were many women who were unmarried and becoming old without any life partners and kids. They grew old and did not find a suitable match so that they can also live a family and married life ahead. Marion Richards is very much known and recognized as the founder of the Old Maids Day and in the name of those women people propounded this special Old Maids Day to give an encouragement and support to them. It also aims to give them a feeling that they are not left behind and equally important in the society.

How to Celebrate the Day

There are various celebrations held in different parts of the world. In many locations it has been given recognition of unofficial national holiday also. People do get together on this Old Maids Day with their family and play many games like Old Maid cards or they prepare Old Maid Cookies and cakes. Old Maid’s Vinegar Pie is a very common thing they prepare on this special day. Different places are selected to celebrate the event and successful single women are invited to speak with others so that they can also get motivated to do some big thing in their lives.


Old Maids Day has become very popular and many activities are organized by several people. Nowadays being single is not a bad thing but considering those old days these women are trained about the career and growth. Many small and implementable business ideas are discussed. Cultural activities, games, parties, discussions and many other activities have become the integral part in the big event of Old Maids Day. A special web page created on face book, one can post his or her comment there. This way it is becoming popular.

Importance of the Day

This special day has so much importance in strengthening the society in many ways. With the help of Old Maids Day different agencies and non government organizations individuals are coming forward to support women who are left behind in the race of the society and give them a respectable place. Many job and business oriented session held on this day are playing very strong part in developing a better society where everybody is getting a fair chance to try her luck in the field where she has an interest to excel. In present scenario there are a lot of such women those who are single and not getting the right platform to raise their voice and Old Maids Day is the stage which can be used for this purpose.

Old Maids Day 2017