October 28 Birthdays :152 Famous People Birthdays on 28 October

Julia Roberts Birthday (October 28th)

Julia Fiona Roberts an Academy Award- winning American movie actress and also previous fashion model was born on 28th October, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. During early 1990s, Julia Roberts shot to celebrity after starring in romantic farce Pretty Woman contrary to Richard Gere. And Julia Roberts ac....

October 28 Birthday Wishes

October 28 Birthday Wishes

Hope you love your new age. It loves you because it looks good on you. Happy Birthday.

Time to celebrate. You made the trip around the sun one more time. It’s a birthday revolution.

October 28Birthday Quotes

'We invest less in our friendships and expect more of friends than any other relationship. We spend days working out where to book for a romantic dinner‚ weeks wondering how to celebrate a partner or parent’s birthday‚ and seconds forgetting a friend’s important anniversary.'

Mariella Frostrup

'The worst part about celebrating another birthday is the shock that you’re only as well as you are.'

Anne Lamott

People Born on October 28

Year Name
1510 Francis Borgia Spanish duke and Jesuit priest (d. 1572)
1585 Cornelius Jansen Dutch bishop (d. 1638)
1667 Maria Anna of Neuburg second wife of Charles II of Spain (d. 1740)
1691 Peder Tordenskjold Norwegian naval hero (d. 1720)
1697 Canaletto Italian artist (d. 1768)
1703 Antoine Deparcieux French mathematician (d. 1768)
1718 Ignacije Szentmartony Croatian Jesuit missionary (d. 1793)
1793 Eliphalet Remington American firearms manufacturer (d. 1861)
1804 Pierre Francois Verhulst Belgian mathematician (d. 1849)
1818 Ivan Turgenev Russian writer (d. 1883)
1837 Tokugawa Yoshinobu Japanese shogun (d. 1913)
1839 Edward P. Allen American politician (d. 1909)
1845 Zygmunt Florenty Wrblewski Polish physicist (d. 1888)
1846 Georges Auguste Escoffier French chef (d. 1935)
1854 Jean-Marie Guyau French philosopher and poet (d. 1888)
1860 Jigoro Kano Japanese martial artist (d. 1938)
1864 Adolfo Camarillo American-born Mexican land owner and rancher (d. 1958)
1875 Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor American geographer and editor (d. 1966)
1877 Joe Adams American baseball player (d. 1952)
1879 Channing H. Cox American politician (d. 1968)
1881 Bruno Soderstrom Swedish athlete (d. 1969)
1881 Vin Coutie Australian footballer
1884 William Douglas Cook New Zealander horticulturalist (d. 1967)
1885 Velimir Khlebnikov Russian poet (d. 1922)
1889 Juliette Beliveau Quebec comedian (d. 1975)
1891 Ormer Locklear American movie stunt pilot (d. 1920)
1892 Dink Johnson American musician (d. 1954)
1896 Howard Hanson American composer (d. 1981)
1897 Edith Head American costume designer (d. 1981)
1901 Eileen Shanahan Irish poet (d. 1979)
1902 Elsa Lanchester British-born actress (d. 1986)
1903 Evelyn Waugh English writer (d. 1966)
1907 John Hewitt Northern Irish poet (d. 1987)
1908 Arturo Frondizi Argentine politician (d. 1995)
1909 Francis Bacon Irish painter (d. 1992)
1912 Richard Doll English epidemiologist (d. 2005)
1913 Douglas Seale English actor (d. 1999)
1914 Glenn Robert Davis American politician (d. 1988)
1914 Jonas Salk American biologist and physician (d. 1995)
1914 Richard Laurence Millington Synge British biochemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1994)
1917 Jack Soo American actor (d. 1979)
1921 Azumafuji Kin'ichi Japanese sumo wrestler (the 40th Yokozuna) (d. 1973)
1922 Gershon Kingsley German composer
1922 Butch van Breda Kolff American basketball coach (d. 2007)
1922 Simon Muzenda Zimbabwe politician (d. 2003)
1924 Antonio Creus Spanish racecar driver (d. 1996)
1925 Ian Hamilton Finlay Scottish poet‚ writer‚ artist and gardener (d. 2006)
1926 Bowie Kuhn American baseball executive (d. 2007)
1927 Cleo Laine British singer
1927 Roza Makagonova Russian actress (d. 1995)
1928 Ion Mihai Pacepa Romanian general
1928 Iry LeJeune American musician (d. 1955)
1929 Joan Plowright British actress
1929 Marcel Bozzuffi French actor (d. 1988)
1929 John Hollander American poet
1930 Bernie Ecclestone English motorsports figure
1932 Suzy Parker American actress (d. 2003)
1932 Spyros Kyprianou Cyprian politician (d. 2002)
1933 Garrincha Brazilian footballer (d. 1983)
1935 Alan Clarke British film director (d. 1990)
1936 Charlie Daniels American musician
1936 Carl Davis American-born British conductor and composer
1937 Lenny Wilkens American basketball player and coach
1938 Dave Budd American basketball player
1938 David Dimbleby English television commentator
1938 Anne Perry English-born novelist
1939 Jane Alexander American actress
1939 Miroslav Cerar Yugoslav gymnast
1940 Susan Harris American television writer and producer
1941 John Hallam Irish actor (d. 2006)
1941 Hank Marvin English guitarist
1941 Curtis Lee American singer
1942 Kees Verkerk Dutch speed skater
1943 Conny Froboess German singer
1943 Charo Lpez Spanish actress
1944 Dennis Franz American actor
1944 Anton Schlecker German businessman
1944 Coluche French comedian and actor (d. 1986)
1945 Elton Dean English musician (Soft Machine) (d. 2006)
1945 Wayne Fontana British singer (The Mindbenders)
1946 Wim Jansen Dutch footballer and coach
1946 John Hewson Australian politician
1948 Telma Hopkins American singer and actress
1949 Bruce Jenner American athlete
1949 Tracy Reed American actress
1950 Sihem Bensedrine Tunisian human rights activist
1950 Ludo Delcroix Belgian cyclist
1952 Annie Potts American actress
1953 Pierre Boivin Canadian businessman and hockey executive
1953 Desmond Child American songwriter
1955 Bill Gates American software executive
1956 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iranian politician
1956 Dave Wyndorf American singer
1957 Stephen Morris British musician
1957 Zach Wamp American politician
1958 William Reid Scottish musician
1958 Ashok Chavan Indian politician
1959 Randy Wittman American basketball player
1960 Landon Curt Noll American computer scientist
1960 Mark Derwin American actor
1962 Daphne Zuniga American actress
1962 Scotty Nguyen Vietnamese-born American professional poker player
1962 Erik Thorstvedt Norwegian footballer
1963 Lauren Holly American actress
1963 James Miller American parachutist and paraglider pilot (d. 2002)
1963 Eros Ramazzotti Italian singer
1963 Sheryl Underwood American comedian
1965 Jami Gertz American actress
1966 Steve Atwater American football player
1966 Andy Richter American comedian and actor
1966 Aris Spiliotopoulos Greek politician
1967 Julia Roberts American actress
1967 Monica Chan Hong Kong actress and beauty pageant winner
1967 John Romero American video game designer
1967 Sophie Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein
1967 Kevin Macdonald Scottish film director
1968 Marc Li?vremont French rugby union footballer and coach
1969 Ben Harper American musician
1969 Javier Grillo-Marxuach Puerto Rican screenwriter and producer
1972 Terrell Davis American football player
1972 Brad Paisley American musician
1973 Alvin Burke Jr. American professional wrestler
1974 Joaquin Phoenix American actor
1974 Vicente Moreno Spanish footballer
1974 Braden Looper American baseball player
1974 Dejan Stefanovic Serbian footballer
1974 Dayanara Torres Puerto Rican actress and beauty queen
1976 Keiron Cunningham Welsh rugby league player
1977 Lauren Woodland American actress
1978 Marta Etura Spanish actress
1978 Justin Guarini American singer
1979 Martin skoula Czech ice hockey player
1979 Aki Hakala Finnish musician
1980 Christy Hemme American professional wrestler
1980 Kanzi American bonobo
1980 Dimitri Liakopoulos Greek actor
1980 Alan Smith English footballer
1981 Solomon Andargachew Ethiopian footballer
1981 Milan Baros Czech footballer
1981 Nate McLouth American baseball player
1981 Nick Montgomery English footballer
1982 Jeremy Bonderman American baseball player
1982 Mai Kuraki Japanese singer
1982 Anthony Lerew American baseball player
1982 Matt Smith English actor
1983 Jarrett Jack American basketball player
1984 Amanda Paige American model
1984 Obafemi Martins Nigerian footballer
1984 Bryn Evans New Zealander rugby player
1986 Anthony Griffith English footballer
1988 Devon Murray Irish singer and actor
1017 Henry III Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1056)