October 20 Birthdays :173 Famous People Birthdays on 20 October

Danny Boyle Birthday (October 20th)

Danny Boyle who is a director as well as the producer of best films like Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days later, Sunshine, and Trainspotting is born on 20 October 1956 in Radcliffe Lancashire in an Irish Catholic family. Danny Boyle Education and Career Danny Boyle completed his studies at the &ld....

Snoop Dogg Birthday (October 20th)

American Rap Singer - Snoop Dogg (Also known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop or Snoopy). Snoop Dogg born on October 20, 1971, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, USA, California. Snoop Dogg Famous for: Gangster rapper attributed in numerous movies and also the reality television show named "Snoop Dogg's ....

October 20 Birthday Wishes

October 20 Birthday Wishes

I hope that today is the beginning of a great year for you. Happy Birthda.

You have been my sister for a long time & all I can say is that you are getting better all the time. Happy Birthday.

October 20Birthday Quotes

'Since graduation‚ I have measured time in 4-by-5-inch pieces of paper‚ four days on the left and three on the right. Every social engagement‚ interview‚ reading‚ flight‚ doctor’s appointment‚ birthday and dry-cleaning reminder has been handwritten between metal loops.'

Sloane Crosley

'I gave a funny speech at my wife’s birthday party‚ and I’m thinking‚ ’Hey‚ I’ve still got it.’'

Larry David

People Born on October 20

Year Name
1463 Alessandro Achillini Italian philosopher (d. 1512)
1496 Claude Duke of Guise‚ French soldier (d. 1550)
1616 Thomas Bartholin Danish physician‚ mathematician‚ and theologian (d. 1680)
1620 Aelbert Cuyp Dutch painter (d. 1691)
1632 Sir Christopher Wren English architect (d. 1723)
1656 Nicolas de Largilli?re French painter (d. 1746)
1660 Robert Bertie 1st Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven‚ English statesman (d. 1723)
1677 Stanislaus I Leszczynski King of Poland (d. 1766)
1700 Charlotte Aglae of Orleans Duchess of Modena (d. 1761)
1711 Timothy Ruggles American politician (d. 1795)
1719 Gottfried Achenwall German statistician (d. 1772)
1759 Chauncey Goodrich American politician (d. 1815)
1780 Pauline Bonaparte sister of Napoleon Bonaparte (d. 1825)
1784 Henry Temple 3rd Viscount Palmerston‚ British statesman (d. 1865)
1785 George Ormerod British historian and antiquarian (d. 1873)
1801 Melchior Berri Swiss architect (d. 1854)
1808 Karl Andree German geographer (d. 1875)
1819 The Bab Persian founder of Babism and a central figure in the Baha'i Faith (d. 1850)
1819 Carl Mikuli Polish pianist (d. 1897)
1822 Thomas Hughes English novelist (d. 1896)
1832 Constantin Lipsius German architect (d. 1894)
1854 Arthur Rimbaud French poet (d. 1891)
1858 John Burns English politician (d. 1943)
1859 John Dewey American philosopher (d. 1952)
1864 James F. Hinkle American politician (d. 1951)
1873 Nellie McClung Canadian feminist (d. 1951)
1874 Charles Ives American composer (d. 1954)
1882 Bela Lugosi Hungarian-born American actor (d. 1956)
1889 Margaret Dumont American actress (d. 1965)
1891 James Chadwick English physicist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1974)
1891 Jomo Kenyatta Kenyan politician (d. 1978)
1893 Charley Chase American comedian (d. 1940)
1894 Olive Thomas American actress (d. 1920)
1895 Rex Ingram American actor (d. 1969)
1900 Wayne Morse American politician (d. 1974)
1904 Anna Neagle English actress (d. 1986)
1904 Tommy Clement Douglas Canadian politician (d. 1986)
1905 Arnold Luhaaar Estonian weightlifter (d. 1965)
1905 Frederic Dannay American novelist (d. 1982)
1907 Arlene Francis American actress and television personality (d. 2001)
1909 Sugiyama Yasushi Japanese painter (d. 1993)
1909 Carla Laemmle American actress
1910 Bob Sheppard American sports public address announcer (d. 2010)
1913 Grandpa Jones American banjo player and singer (d. 1998)
1913 J. Michael Hagopian Turkish-born American documentarian (d. 2010)
1914 Fayard Nicholas American dancer (d. 2006)
1917 Jean-Pierre Melville French director (d. 1973)
1918 Robert Lochner German journalist (d. 2003)
1919 Tracy Hall American inventor (d. 2008)
1922 John Anderson American actor (d. 1992)
1923 Robert Craft American conductor
1925 Art Buchwald American humorist (d. 2007)
1925 Tom Dowd American recording engineer (d. 2002)
1925 Roger Hanin French actor
1927 Gunturu Seshendra Sarma Indian poet (d. 2007)
1927 Joyce Brothers American psychologist and advice columnist
1931 Richard Caliguiri American politician (d. 1988)
1931 Mickey Mantle American baseball player (d. 1995)
1932 Rosey Brown American football player (d. 2004)
1932 William Christopher American actor
1934 Bill Chase American trumpet player (d. 1974)
1934 Eddie Harris American jazz saxophonist (d. 1996)
1935 Jerry Orbach American actor (d. 2004)
1935 Barrie Chase American dancer
1937 Juan Marichal Dominican baseball player
1937 Wanda Jackson American rock and rockabilly singer
1938 Iain Macmillan Scottish photographer (d. 2006)
1940 Kathy Kirby British singer
1940 Robert Pinsky American poet and Poet Laureate of the United States
1942 Earl Hindman American actor (d. 2003)
1942 Christiane Nsslein-Volhard German biologist
1943 Dunja Vejzovic Croatian soprano
1944 David Mancuso American disc jockey
1944 Nalin de Silva Sri Lankan theoretical physicist and political analyst
1946 Lewis Grizzard American writer and humorist (d. 1994)
1946 Elfriede Jelinek Austrian writer‚ Nobel Prize laureate
1946 Richard Loncraine British film director
1946 Lucien Van Impe Belgian cyclist
1948 Melih Gokcek Turkish politician
1949 Valeri Borzov Ukrainian athlete
1950 Tom Petty American musician
1951 Patrick Hall British politician
1951 Leif Pagrotsky Swedish politician
1951 Claudio Ranieri Italian football player and manager
1951 Ken Ham Australian evangelist and businessman
1951 Al Greenwood American rock musician (Foreigner)
1953 Keith Hernandez American baseball player
1953 Bill Nunn American actor
1954 Steve Orich American composer
1954 Gnter Mller German percussionist
1955 Thomas Newman American composer
1955 David Profumo English novelist
1955 Aaron Pryor American boxer
1955 Robert ten Brink Dutch TV personality
1956 Danny Boyle English film director
1957 Susanna Haavisto Finnish actress and singer
1957 Hilda Solis American politician
1957 Chris Cowdrey English cricketer
1958 Valerie Faris American film director
1958 Lynn Flewelling American fantasy author
1958 Scott Hall American professional wrestler
1958 Mark King English musician and singer (Level 42)
1958 Dave Krieg American football player
1958 Viggo Mortensen American actor
1958 Ivo Pogorelic Croatian pianist
1958 Dave Finlay Irish professional wrestler
1959 Mark Little Australian actor and comedian
1960 Konstantin Aseev Russian chess player (d. 2004)
1960 Lepa Brena Yugoslav singer
1961 Ian Rush Welsh footballer
1961 Michie Tomizawa Japanese voice actress
1962 David M. Evans American screenwriter and film director
1962 Dave Wong Hong Kong/Taiwanese singer-songwriter
1963 Julie Payette Canadian astronaut
1963 Nikos Tsiantakis Greek footballer
1965 Norman Blake Scottish musician
1965 Jil Caplan French singer and songwriter
1965 Mikhail Shtalenkov Russian ice hockey player
1965 William Zabka American actor
1966 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Jordanian militant and Al-Qaeda figure (d. 2006)
1966 Allan Donald South African cricketer
1966 Fred Coury American drummer (Cinderella)
1966 Stefan Raab German entertainer
1966 Patrick Volkerding American computer operating systems developer
1967 Luigi Lo Cascio Italian actor
1967 Elizabeth Carling English actress and singer
1967 Luck Mervil Quebecois actor and singer
1967 Marco Ngai Hong Kong actor
1968 Susan Tully English actress (Eastenders)
1969 Juan Gonzalez Puerto Rican baseball player
1969 Laurie Daley Australian rugby league footballer
1969 Lambros Papakostas Greek high jumper
1970 Chavo Guerrero Jr. American professional wrestler
1970 Michelle Malkin American political commentator and author
1970 Sander Boschker Dutch footballer
1971 Dannii Minogue Australian singer
1971 Matt Norman Australian director/producer
1971 Eddie Jones American basketball player
1971 Snoop Dogg American rapper
1972 Will Greenwood England rugby union player
1976 Tom Wisniewski American guitarist (MxPx)
1977 Matt Jansen English footballer
1977 Leila Josefowicz Canadian classical violinist
1977 Sam Witwer American actor
1978 Virender Sehwag Indian cricketer
1978 Paul Wilson Scottish bass player (Snow Patrol)
1979 Paul Ifill Barbadian footballer
1979 John Krasinski American actor
1979 Paul O'Connell Irish rugby player
1980 Gary Jarman English musician
1980 Niall Matter Canadian actor
1980 Jose Veras Dominican baseball player
1981 Willis McGahee American football player
1981 Dimitrios Papadopoulos Greek footballer
1981 Francisco Javier Rodriguez Mexican footballer
1982 Yasser Al-Qahtani Saudi footballer
1982 Becky Brewerton Welsh golfer
1983 Luis Saritama Ecuadorian footballer
1983 Takayuki Yamada Japanese actor
1984 Florent Sinama-Pongolle French footballer
1984 Andrew Trimble Northern Irish rugby player
1985 Jennifer Nicole Freeman American actress
1985 Alphonso Smith American football player
1985 Dominic McGuire American basketball player
1985 James Sutton British racing driver
1986 Priyanka Sharma Indian actress
1987 Raphael Hackl German rugby player
1988 Candice Swanepoel South African model
1988 Risa Niigaki Japanese singer (Morning Musume)
1989 Colin Wilson Hockey player
1992 Ksenia Semenova Russian gymnast
1994 Morgan Featherstone Australian model
1995 Zhenwei Wang Chinese actor and martial artist