October 13 Birthdays :157 Famous People Birthdays on 13 October

Jerry Rice Birthday (October 13th)

Jerry Lee Rice an earlier football wide receiver in NFL was born on 13th October, 1962 in Crawford, Mississippi. Jerry Rice is considered the best players in the NFL history. Constantly Jerry Rice is showing outstanding performance and hard job ethic in the field. Besides it, Jerry Rice was chose....

Margaret Thatcher Biography

Margaret Thatcher is the first woman to be honoured as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. She was the first woman to lead major political party of the country. Being the leader of the Conservative Part, Margaret Thatcher has acted upon many important positions and took major responsibility. She w....

October 13 Birthday Wishes

October 13 Birthday Wishes

I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want! Happy Birthday!

You are the one person I believe when you tell me everything will work out in this crazy life. Happy Birthday.

October 13Birthday Quotes

'Growing up‚ my birthday was always Confederate Memorial Day. It helped to create this profound sense of awareness about the Civil War and the 100 years between the Civil War and the civil rights movement and my parents’ then-illegal and interracial marriage.'

Natasha Trethewey

'My first proper kiss was from Cara Shucksmith when I was 13 or 14 at her birthday party.'

Robert Webb

People Born on October 13

Year Name
1162 Leonora of England Queen of Castile (d. 1214)
1244 Jaques de Molay Grand Master of the Knights Templar (d. 1314)
1453 Edward of Westminster Prince of Wales (d. 1471)
1474 Mariotto Albertinelli Italian painter (d. 1515)
1566 Richard Boyle 1st Earl of Cork‚ Irish politician (d. 1643)
1613 Luisa of Medina-Sidonia queen of Portugal (d. 1666)
1696 John Hervey 2nd Baron Hervey‚ English statesman and writer (d. 1743)
1713 Allan Ramsay Scottish painter (d. 1784)
1714 Pieter Burmann the Younger Dutch philologist (d. 1778)
1756 James Gambier 1st Baron Gambier‚ Royal Navy admiral of the fleet (d. 1833)
1768 Jacques Felix Emmanuel Hamelin French explorer (d. 1839)
1820 John William Dawson Canadian geologist (d. 1899)
1821 Rudolf Virchow German physician‚ pathologist‚ biologist‚ and politician (d. 1902)
1844 Ernest Myers English poet‚ Classicist and author (d. 1921)
1853 Lillie Langtry British actress (d. 1929)
1862 Mary Kingsley English writer and explorer (d. 1900)
1874 Jzsef Klekl Slovene politician in Hungary (d. 1948)
1876 Rube Waddell American baseball player (d. 1914)
1878 Patrick Joseph Hartigan Australian Roman Catholic priest (d. 1952)
1880 Sasha Cherny Russian poet (d. 1932)
1887 Jozef Tiso Slovak politician (d. 1947)
1890 Conrad Richter American novelist and short story writer (d. 1968)
1891 Irene Rich American actress (d. 1988)
1895 Mike Gazella American baseball player (d. 1978)
1896 E. Beatrice Riley Australian supercentenarian (d. 2009)
1900 Gerald Marks American songwriter (d. 1997)
1902 Arna Wendell Bontemps American writer (d. 1973)
1904 Wilfred Pickles English actor and broadcaster (d. 1978)
1905 Coloman Braun-Bogdan Romanian football player and manager (d. 1983)
1905 Yves Allegret French film director (d. 1987)
1909 Art Tatum American jazz pianist (d. 1956)
1909 Herbert Block American cartoonist (d. 2001)
1911 Ashok Kumar Indian actor (d. 2001)
1913 Igor Torkar Slovenian writer (d. 2004)
1915 Terry Frost English artist (d. 2003)
1915 Cornel Wilde American actor (d. 1989)
1917 George Osmond American patriach of The Osmonds (d. 2007)
1917 Burr Tillstrom American puppeteer (d. 1985)
1918 Robert Hudson Walker American actor (d. 1951)
1920 Laraine Day American actress (d. 2007)
1921 Yves Montand Italian singer and actor (d. 1991)
1923 Cyril Shaps English actor (d. 2003)
1923 Faas Wilkes Dutch footballer (d. 2006)
1924 Moturu Udayam Indian woman's activist (d. 2002)
1925 Lenny Bruce American comedian (d. 1966)
1925 Margaret Thatcher English politician
1925 Gustav Winckler Danish singer (d. 1979)
1926 Ray Brown American jazz bassist (d. 2002)
1927 Lee Konitz American jazz saxophonist
1929 Walasse Ting Chinese-American painter (d. 2010)
1930 Bruce Geller American screenwriter and television producer (d. 1978)
1931 Eddie Mathews American baseball player (d. 2001)
1931 Raymond Kopa French footballer
1932 Jack Colvin American actor (d. 2005)
1933 Raynald Frechette Canadian politician and jurist (d. 2007)
1933 Queen Narriman Egyptian royalty (d. 2005)
1933 Thomas Bingham English jurist
1934 Nana Mouskouri Greek singer and politician
1937 Sami Frey French actor
1938 Hugo Young English journalist (d. 2003)
1939 T. J. Cloutier American poker player
1939 Melinda Dillon American actress
1940 Pharoah Sanders American saxophonist
1941 Paul Simon American singer and musician (Simon & Garfunkel)
1942 Jerry Jones American football team owner
1942 Rutanya Alda American actress
1942 Pamela Tiffin American film actress
1942 Bob Bailey American baseball player
1943 Mike Barnicle American newspaper columnist
1944 Robert Lamm American musician (Chicago)
1945 Christophe French singer
1945 Desi Bouterse Surinamese politician
1946 Edwina Currie British politician
1947 Sammy Hagar American singer (Van Halen)
1947 Jerry Trupiano American sports broadcaster
1947 Alan Wakeman English saxophonist (Soft Machine)
1948 John Ford Coley American musician
1948 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Pakistani musician and singer (d. 1997)
1948 Ted Poe American politician
1949 Tom Mees American sports broadcaster (d. 1996)
1949 Patrick N?ve Belgian racing driver
1949 Marisol Malaret beauty pageant contestant
1950 Mollie Katzen American cookbook author
1952 Beverly Johnson American supermodel
1952 John Lone Hong Kong actor
1953 Pat Day American jockey
1954 George Frazier American baseball player
1954 Claude Ribbe French historian
1954 Mordechai Vanunu Israeli nuclear technician
1956 Frank Dunn American artist
1956 Chris Carter American television producer
1956 Joseph Toal Scottish religious figure
1957 Reggie Theus American basketball player and head coach
1958 Maria Cantwell American politician‚ junior senator of Washington
1958 Jair-Rohm Parker Wells American musician and composer
1959 Marie Osmond American entertainer
1960 Joey Belladonna American musician (Anthrax)
1960 Tim Brewster American football coach
1960 Ari Fleischer American White House press secretary to George W. Bush
1960 Peter Keisler American attorney
1961 Doc Rivers American basketball player and coach
1962 T'Keyah Crystal Keymah American actress
1962 Kelly Preston American actress
1962 Jerry Rice American football player
1963 Colin Channer Jamaican writer
1963 Chip Foose American automotive designer and fabricator
1963 Scott Andrew Mink American convicted murderer (d. 2004)
1964 Allen Covert American actor
1964 Ni? Haish?ng Chinese astronaut
1964 Christopher Judge American actor
1964 Marco Travaglio Italian journalist
1965 Johan Museeuw Belgian cyclist
1967 Scott Cooper American baseball player
1967 Trevor Hoffman American baseball player
1967 Steve Vickers English footballer
1967 Kate Walsh American actress
1967 Javier Sotomayor Cuban Athlete
1968 Tisha Campbell-Martin American actress and singer
1968 Carlos Marin Spanish baritone (Il Divo)
1969 Rhett Akins American country singer
1969 Nancy Kerrigan American figure skater
1969 Cady McClain American actress
1970 Serena Altschul American reporter
1970 Mel Jackson American actor and musician
1970 Rob Howley Welsh rugby player
1970 Paul Potts British opera singer
1971 Hitesh Modi Kenyan cricketer
1971 Sacha Baron Cohen English comedian
1971 Billy Bush American TV host
1971 Pyrros Dimas Greek weightlifter
1971 Luis Tosar Spanish actor
1972 Summer Sanders American swimmer and sports broadcaster
1973 Brian Dawkins American football player
1973 Peter Dumbreck Scottish racing driver
1973 Matt Hughes American mixed martial artist
1973 Nanako Matsushima Japanese actress
1974 Hawick Lau Chinese actor and singer
1977 Gareth Batty English cricketer
1977 Antonio Di Natale Italian football player
1977 Paul Pierce American basketball player
1977 Kiele Sanchez American actress
1978 Jermaine O'Neal American basketball player
1979 Wes Brown English footballer
1980 Ashanti American singer
1980 David Haye English boxer
1980 Magne Hoseth Norwegian footballer
1980 Scott Parker English footballer
1981 Ryan Ashford English footballer
1981 Kele Okereke English singer (Bloc Party)
1982 Ian Thorpe Australian swimmer
1982 Antonio Pavanello Italian rugby player
1984 Misono Japanese singer (Day After Tomorrow)
1984 Frank Simek American footballer
1986 Gabriel Agbonlahor English footballer
1987 Ashley Newbrough American actress
1988 Scott Jamieson Australian footballer
1992 Aaron Dismuke American voice actor