Reasons for O1 Visa Rejection

O1 visa is a visa granted to people who have a job opportunity in the United States who hold an excellent and outstanding niche’ in the field of sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. In addition to being a pro in this field, the person has to necessarily be awarded with a national or international accolade in any particular field; or if they are employed with motion pictures or television productions, should mandatorily possess a record of marvelous achievement. There are 4 types of O visas given by the U.S. government. Let us explore only about the O1 Visa rejection in this article.

Reasons for O1 Visa rejection

It is not necessary for one to be eligible for O1 Visa if they mere possess qualification required for the visa. One has to stand strong and qualify the criteria laid down by the government of USA in order to be eligible and receive the O1 Visa. The below points reveal the reasons of O1 Visa rejection;

  • When the petitioner does not possess an extraordinary ability in the field of science, education, business or athletics nor has received any national or international acclamation in the respective field.
  • When the petitioner has not received any Nobel Prize or an internationally recognized award, the O1 Visa application is prone for denial, this being the reason for O1 Visa rejection.
  • When there is no certification of the person's invoice of nationwide or worldwide identified prizes or prizes for quality in the area of endeavor;
  • When the certification of the person's account in companies in the area for which category is desired, which require excellent success of their members, as assessed by identified national or international experts in their professions or fields;
  • One of the reasons for O1 Visa rejection is that there is no released content in expert or significant trade guides or significant press about the person, about the person's perform in the area for which category is desired, which shall include the headline, date, and author of such published content, and any necessary translation;
  • When there is no proof of the person's contribution on a board, or independently, as a assess of the perform of others in the same or in an allied area of expertise to that for which category is sought;
  • When there is no proof of the person's original technological, scholarly, or business-related efforts of significant importance in the field;
  • When there is no proof of the person's authorship of scholarly articles in the area, in expert publications, or other significant media;
  • When there is no proof that the person has been working in a significant or vital capacity for companies and businesses that have a documented reputation;
  • When there is no proof that the person has either instructed a higher wage or will control a higher wage or other payment for services, confirmed by agreements or other reliable evidence.

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