Nurses Day Gift Ideas


Florence Nightingale, the father of modern nursing quoted, " Nursing is an art:  and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter's or sculptor's work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or dead marble, compared with having to do with the living body, the temple of God's spirit?  It is one of the Fine Arts:  I had almost said the finest of Fine Arts."  Yes indeed nursing is an art which requires a lot of self less effort and devotion from the nurse's side.

They work day and night without getting any honor or benefits for most of their work. Many times the doctor gets all the credit and these angels who worked very hard in the hope of seeing their patient recover are not usually thanked properly. The contribution and commitment of the nursing staff are acknowledged by observing the Nurses Day. The International Council of Nursing decided in 1974 to celebrate the Nurses Day every year on the 12th of May and the Nurses Week during the week of may 9 to 15. This day is celebrated to appreciate the commitment and hard work of these health care professionals. The day is rightly celebrated on this date as it is the birth anniversary of Florence nightingale, the British nurse, hospital reformer and humanitarian who served the wounded during the First World War.

The nurses take care of the physical and the emotional well being of their patients and dispense care, love, compassion and comfort to the ill and disabled. They consider each patient significant enough to be r taken care of. Most person recover very fast by the loving care and time to time interventions provided to them by the nurses. Shouldn’t they be thanked properly for taking care of you, your parents, your child or spouse just as you would, if you know how to. Nursing day is an opportunity to thank these health care professionals by showing them how much you appreciate their hard work and care. 'Thank You for your care" can be easily said by cards, gifts and flowers. And this appreciation from the patients and their relative can mean a lot to the nurses even if they don’t ask for any of it. You can give your nurse a very big bouquet of flowers with a note saying "I care for the care given by you." Assorted chocolates, appreciation cards and accessories like pen are given as a gift on the day. Nurses day kits, gift baskets, nurses bags are available in the market around the Nurses week. Chocolates in the shape of band aid are also a Nurses Day special gift. Other common gift items given during the Nurses Day are thermo flasks, pill box, engraved note pad holder, thank you cups or plates.
Long term emotional involvement with the nurses can make you aware of their likes and the hobbies they practice. And this can help you if you want to choose a personalized gift for your nurse. If your nurse loves reading, gift them with a good book from their favorite author. If they like a particular food try to order it for them or if you can prepare the dish with all your love especially for them, it will taste even better. If you have seen your nurse wearing beauty accessories, giving them a chain, bracelet or locket can show that you really appreciate them and love them enough to know their likes. Giving them paintings, clock or even a teddy bear can also convey your message. A well written card can also valued above all other expensive gifts, as it words can convey a lot more than gifts. If possible read it aloud or else tell them why you want to thank them specially and what their care mean to you. Even a small "thank you" can do the job if said from heart. The main objective is to acknowledge them properly and how you do it does not matter as long as you make them feel honored.

Doctors and the administration also give away gift to the nursing staff on this day for the support and hard work they have exhibited throughout the year. These gifts are formal ones and all the staff gets the same gift which may have a slightly different made or color, the gifts commonly given by the doctors and administrators includes pen sets, pill box, nurse's bags, nurse's kits and promotional gift items from pharmaceuticals or research companies. The hospital also gives a family dinner or buffet on this day to honor these health care professionals and fun activities are also arranged on the day. The hospital presents the best service award to the nurse who performed with much dedication and touched the lives of many patients in the particular year. It can be thoughtful on the day if each nurse is given a feedback highlighting all the good job they did during the year.

The Nurses Day is an opportunity, to show your special nurse how much you care. So give them a gift that really shows your appreciation for all the love, care and patience they shower on you. A simple Thank You can also be enough but do appreciate at the right time. No one have to wait till a particular day to acknowledge a person it can be done anytime which you feel is right though the special day gives us the opportunity to do so.